Annual Clinical Journal 2021

Annual Clinical Journal eCPD Programme

The Programme is formulated in accordance with the guidance of the UK General Dental Council’s regulations on eCPD. All registered UK dental hygienists and dental therapists must undertake eCPD and provide evidence of the equivalent of at least 10 hours every two years. Each paper offers you the opportunity to gain 1 verifiable hour.

The overall aim of the Programme is to provide an opportunity for dental hygienists and dental therapists to learn about a broad range of topics meeting the GDC’s eCPD and to reflect upon your learning.

For more information, watch the short video by Dr Marina Harris and/or click below to our explanation leaflet

eCPD for the Annual Clinical Journal 2021 is being hosted on SurveyMonkey.   Each paper is included on a separate survey (see links to each paper below)

Please ensure that you click DONE after each survey so that your answers are captured. 

If submissions are received blank or don't reach the necessary content / word count, you will not be issued with a CPD certificate. 

  1. ACJ 2021 - Paper 1
  2. ACJ 2021 - Paper 2
  3. ACJ 2021 - Paper 3
  4. ACJ 2021Paper 4
  5. ACJ 2021Paper 5
  6. ACJ 2021Paper 6
  7. ACJ 2021 - Paper 7
  8. ACJ 2021 Paper 8
  9. ACJ 2021 - Paper 9
  10. ACJ 2021Paper 10