Prescribing and interpreting radiographs for the dental hygienist and dental therapist

Date: 22-Jun-2019



Jimmy Makdissi
Senior lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology
Queen Mary University of London

Clinical Director
JM Radiology Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology Training Academy


The GDC’s Scope of Practice document states that dental hygienists and dental therapists can undertake the following tasks if they are appropriately trained, competent and indemnified.

  • Prescribe radiographs
  • Take, process and interpret various film views used in general dental practice

7 Hours Verifiable CPD

Learning Content:

This course will provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out prescribing and interpreting radiographs within their scope of practice.

Suitable for?

Qualified dental hygienists and therapists

Aims and Objectives:

To understand the various positions of responsibility in relation to radiography within IRR17 and IR(ME)R17

  • To learn the task of completing a radiographic referral form
  • To understand the principle of justification
  • To appreciate the radiographic anatomy
  • To gain knowledge in quality assurance including radiographic errors
  • To comprehend the principles of radiographic interpretation
  • To learn the task of writing a radiographic report within the scope of practice

Development Outcomes:

Participants are expected by the end of the course to have gained the required knowledge and skills to prescribe and interpret radiographs with the scope of practice of a dental hygienist and a dental therapist.

Participants are required to complete of a portfolio of 10 radiographs with the support of a dentist in the practice.

This training will meet criteria C of the GDC's Enhanced CPD requirements.

When is this course taking place?

June 22nd 2019 in London


BSDHT & BADT Members: £100.00 inc vat (proof is required)

Non Members: £200.00 inc vat

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