Live eCPD Course - How breathing technique can prevent COVID 19 - 14th & 21st Jan 2021

Date: 14-Jan-2021


Our new range of holistic courses are designed to improve your own health as well as your patients. 

How breathing technique can prevent COVID-19 & optimise oral & systemic health.

  • Part 1, 14th January 2021, 7pm,         
  • Part 2, 21st January 2021, 7pm

£99 for Part 1 & 2 (4hours CPD

Breathing Physiology & Breathing Practical

In Part 1

You will learn how to:

  • maximise your breathing potential
  • understand the oral and systemic benefits of healthy breathing
  • prevent COVID-19 infection through breathing effectively

Breathing review and Introduction to Oral Myology

In Part 2

You will learn:

  • More about your own breathing
  • The connection between jaw development and airway in children and adults.
  • The link between mouth breathing, sleep disorders and ADHD.

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