BSDHT Accreditation Scheme

The BSDHT Accreditation Scheme has been developed to help members identify relevant educational material appropriate to their needs and in line with the CPD requirements of the GDC.

All CPD educational material submitted by manufacturers for assessment is considered by our Accreditation Panel and where approval is granted the material will carry our Accreditation Logo.

Accreditation is given only where the material is considered to be of a high standard and quality, well structured, educationally sound and accurately pitched for BSDHT members.

Accreditation 1The first three awards were presented at 2012 Dentistry Show at the NEC in Birmingham (right).

The awards were received by Caroline Thompson on behalf of GSK for their Talking Points in Practice sessions on: acid erosion, dentine hypersensitivity and, gingivitis and periodontal disease.

The BSDHT accreditation logo may be used for a period of 12 months but can be automatically renewed subject to compliance with Terms of Use speficied by BSDHT.

The Accreditation Panel described the GSK modules as ‘an excellent source for practice learning. It is relevant and pertinent to the role of all team members and it makes everyone in the practice aware of their value. Each team member will come away having learnt something.'

 Educational materials that have been awarded accreditation:

GSK Talking Points in Practice Interactive Practice Based Sessions
1. Acid Erosion
2. Gum Disease
Proctor & Gamble Modules

1. Motivational Interviewing: A Patient Cantered Approach to Elicit Positive Behaviour Change
2. A History and Update of Fluoride Dentifrices
3. Biofilm: A New Vision of Plaque  
4. Dental Summary Review Vol 11 Issue 1
5. Dental Summary Review Vol 10 Issue 2
6. Evidence-based Decision Making-Formulating Good Clinical Questions
7. Xerostomia - a continuing challenge for oral health care professionals
8 . Dental Radiography in Dentistry


Wrigley Oral Healthcare Programme Book 

Saliva and Oral Health ­ An Essential Overview for the Health Professional