Calling all budding authors…

21 Sep 2021

New writers' workshop

Defibs in schools

20 Sep 2021

Access to a defib should be within a 3 minute walk; is this the case in your local school?

Mind Ninja

20 Sep 2021

Celebrate happiness at work with Mind Flossing cards from Mind Ninja

World Suicide Prevention Day

13 Sep 2021

Why is the male suicide rate higher than female and what can be done about it?

Sara Hurley welcomes Amanda Pritchard as the new NHS Chief Executive

29 Jul 2021

NHS dentistry and oral health update - Thursday 29 July 2021

Update from the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)

27 Jul 2021

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is the UK regulator for data protection and information rights. In July 2021 they will be writing to the human health and social work sector to remind you that you may have a legal responsibility to register with the ICO and pay the data protection ...

New job opportunity!

13 Jul 2021

New Job - London

9 Jul 2021

Oral health is key to a winning performance

28 Jun 2021

Maintaining a healthy mouth should be an essential part of athletes’ training programmes

Regional Dental Care Professional Development Lead

24 Jun 2021

Employer:Health Education EnglandDepartment:SW - Dental EducationLocation:Park House, BristolSalary:£38,890 per annum

Beyond brushing and interdental cleaning?

24 Jun 2021

Johnson & Johnson Ltd., the makers of LISTERINE®, are committed to supporting dental professionals in their efforts to help patients achieve and maintain gum health.

Regulatory reform: GDC welcomes direction of travel but highlights room for improvement

17 Jun 2021

The General Dental Council (GDC) has welcomed the Government’s proposals for reform of healthcare professional regulation, but is calling for greater flexibility and a faster pace of reform.

Smile Uganda!

17 Jun 2021

Working from home

15 Jun 2021

Are you sitting comfortably?


10 Jun 2021

It could save your life!

Home and dry

10 Jun 2021

Volunteering: exhilarating, challenging, overwhelming, desperate!

7 Jun 2021

How mentoring has helped dental hygienist Anne Powders bring her toothbrushing and handwashing project in disadvantaged communities closer to reality

Terms and Conditions for the Regional Group Draw

19 May 2021

How exciting! After our successful series of online spring study days for our regional groups, the attendees have been entered into a draw for the CHANCE TO WIN one of ONLY 400 lovely sample packs collated from our wonderful supporting trade partners: Stoddard, J&S Davis, GSK, TePe, Oral ...

LISTERINE® proudly supports National Smile Month once again

19 May 2021

Johnson & Johnson Ltd., the makers of LISTERINE®, are delighted to support National Smile Month once again, to help raise awareness of the essential care provided by dental professionals nation-wide and the importance of oral health among the general public.

New resource

13 May 2021

Raisin Awareness

8 Apr 2021

ADI Team Congress 2022

1 Apr 2021

26-28 May 2022, Manchester Central

Building an International Federation of Dental Assisting and Dental Nursing

12 Mar 2021

The Canadian Dental Assistants Association, the American Dental Assistants Association and the Society of British Dental Nurses are pleased to announce that representatives from their three organizations have been collaborating to establish the first international federation representing dental assistants and dental nurses from around the world.

GSK Health Partner showcases how UK dentistry is rising to the challenge

20 Jan 2021

Innovating and transforming in a new practice environment

Latest statistics on smoking

15 Dec 2020

NHS Digital has published new statistics on smoking in England

First results of the DiabetRisk study

10 Dec 2020

Over 8% of patients identified with undiagnosed diabetes or pre-diabetes at dental practices

Philips launches Dental Care Recycling Programme

10 Dec 2020

Dental professionals encouraged to establish a recycling point in their practice

GDC highlights importance of clear public safety COVID information

3 Dec 2020

News release in relation to the first report from a programme of General Dental Council research and engagement designed to understand the impact of COVID-19 on oral health and dentistry. This report explores the impact of COVID-19 in relation public safety and confidence in the dental industry and the impact ...

Karen Reid appointed Chief Executive for NHS Education for Scotland

21 Oct 2020

Karen Reid has been appointed as the new Chief Executive for NHS Education for Scotland (NES), with effect from 1 February 2021.

Dentistry Awards Finalist

19 Oct 2020

BSDHT Ambassador Melanie Pomphrett shortlisted

Revised synopsis to calculate measured fallow time reduction

19 Oct 2020

Calculate measured fallow time reduction to deliver patient care safely

Update: reduced fallow time

5 Oct 2020

Free webinars Monday 5 October at 7pm and Monday 19 October to learn more

Are you feeling burned out?

15 Sep 2020

BSDHT Ambassador Robbie Stewart shares his experience of working through the pandemic

New podcast for BSDHT members

15 Sep 2020

Human factors and Covid 19

Start a new venture today!

27 Aug 2020

Launch a sustainable oral health promotional project in 5 weeks


11 Aug 2020


Free access to the Primary Dental Journal

3 Jul 2020

The FGDP(UK) is currently offering non-members free access to the PDJ

The night before ... (by Miranda Steeples)

18 Jun 2020

Miranda Steeples shares her thoughts on going back to work

Practices given the go ahead to open their doors

3 Jun 2020

A safe return to work

Don’t Miss A Beat

28 May 2020

Listen to your heart – is the rhythm irregular?

Bounce Back Loan Scheme

27 May 2020

Financial aid for self-employed

Urgent Dental Care response to Covid-19

27 May 2020

The highs and lows of operating the first Urgent Dental Care Hub in Cornwall

Accreditation for thumb sucking solution from Thumbsie®

18 May 2020

Product Accreditation from the Oral Health Foundation.

How can handwashing protect from COVID-19 when you’re short of water?

13 May 2020

Access to water and sanitation is a basic human right

How far can you go?

24 Apr 2020

Stop consuming added sugar for up to 28 days

Keep calm and Corona on!

9 Apr 2020

Fay Higgin, Sales and BSDHT Advertising Manager, shares a real-time diary of events in the lead up to the production of the May issue of Dental Health.

Air flow…but not as you know it!

8 Apr 2020

BSDHT Publications Team member, and practising Dental Hygienist, Ali Lowe shares her personal experience of air polishing.

SeaFit and SmilesAtSea

7 Apr 2020

Partnership shortlisted for prestigious charity award in recognition of the invaluable support for fishermen.

Resilience is the ability to bend, not break

7 Apr 2020

Following his trip to the South Pole, Dr Neil Counihan shares his thoughts about resilience and fortitude at a time when everyone needs it the most

Learning on lockdown

6 Apr 2020

​Learning on lockdownScott Rogers explores the learning opportunities available to dental professionals during these unprecedented times.Scott Rogers is the UK Academic Relations Manager for EMS.

A global pandemic

23 Mar 2020

Sally Simpson, BSDHT Past President, shares her experience of the impact of the virus on her livelihood

Let’s take a stand against too much sitting

10 Mar 2020

Sitting down for extended periods of time on a regular basis can exacerbate a number of conditions

Disabilities and dentistry

10 Mar 2020

Melanie Pomphrett, BSDHT Ambassador has some tips for helping patients with disabilities

NUS responds to announcement of funding boost for student mental health

5 Mar 2020

Today, the Department of Health and Social Care and Department for Education have announced a funding boost of ‘£1million for innovative student mental health projects

Helping the homeless

5 Mar 2020

BioHorizons Camlog donated urgently needed products for homeless and disadvantaged people in the community

Together Dental

2 Mar 2020

Exciting charity challenge raising funds for Bridge2Aid and Dentaid

Teeth-whitening: Reports of illegal procedures up 26%

24 Feb 2020

Undercover reporters film illegal teeth whitening

Dental Hygienist: Business Entrepreneur

24 Feb 2020

As much a business entrepreneur as a Dental Hygienist - Megan is one of a new generation of healthcare professionals who has developed her own brand

Operation Smile

24 Feb 2020

First all-women’s medical mission team will treat over a hundred with cleft lip and cleft palate

New study group

24 Feb 2020

Laura McClune, Chair of BSDHT South East regional group, shares her plans for a pilot for a study group for newly qualified Hygienists and Therapists (H&Ts), which Philips is hosting and Laura is leading.


22 Jan 2020

Oral health care provision in residential special educational settings – launch of dental project.

Johnson & Johnson Ltd and BSDHT join forces to support dental students

21 Jan 2020

Johnson & Johnson Ltd. and BSDHT join forces to support dental students

FGDP urges toxin ad compliance

13 Jan 2020

New guidance applies to all social media promotion of toxin

Compassion in practice

13 Jan 2020

Dr Marina Harris reminded delegates at the OHC in Newport that self-compassion can be used as a tool for resilience

BSDHT: supporting dental hygienist and dental therapist education

13 Jan 2020

The BSDHT will be hosting the Hygienist & Therapist Symposium 15th and 16th May

New Job! Cambridge

10 Jan 2020

New Job - Telford

3 Jan 2020

New Job - Clacton!

3 Jan 2020


2 Jan 2020

All past friends and colleagues are invited to Wendy's funeral on 7th January at 12.30

Reducing dementia

12 Dec 2019

How can dental hygienists and dental therapists help?

Travel award for Past President

12 Dec 2019

National Conference of University Professors

Expanding skills and understanding at the OHC 2019

12 Dec 2019

The highlight of the annual calendar!

BSDHT Student of the Year 2019

12 Dec 2019

Carly wins BSDHT Student of the Year 2019 Award

Number of children treated for cannabis remains unimproved

1 Dec 2019

12,702 young people entered treatment last year

Perio Workshop 2019

1 Dec 2019

A major step forward in the treatment of periodontitis

GDC publishes 3-year strategy

1 Dec 2019

Right time; right place; right touch

What are the boundaries of acceptable professional behaviour?

27 Nov 2019

Survey closes at midnight on Saturday 30 November

World Antibiotic Awareness Week

18 Nov 2019

Use antibiotics judiciously

Britain in state of decay

15 Nov 2019

Two thirds of children regularly refuse to brush their teeth

Detect, Protect, Correct and Perfect…

15 Nov 2019

Raising awareness of Atrial Fibrillation (AF)

School food matters

15 Nov 2019

We need your support - please vote for us!

FGDP(UK) welcomes inclusion of oral health in care home inspections

4 Nov 2019

CQC asking providers mandatory questions on oral health

48 breaches of DOH regulations

4 Nov 2019

CQC Freedom of Information request reveals 48 breaches of DOH regulations by dentists

The wisdom of positive language

24 Oct 2019

Improve patient outcomes by adopting a positive communication style

Have your say on the future of dental education and training in England

24 Oct 2019

15 events taking place across the country between October 2019 and January 2020

Mouthwash and periodontal disease

24 Oct 2019

Brushing, interdental cleaning and rinsing with an appropriate mouthwash

Welsh dental subscription service partner with Keep Wales Tidy

22 Oct 2019

Buy One, Give One, Plant One...

New advice sheet on analgesia for dental pain

22 Oct 2019

Free downloadable advice sheets

Bridge2Aid team set to ride Kilimanjaro for charity

22 Oct 2019

Cycling 360 kms raising money!

Standards in Dentistry goes online

18 Oct 2019

Free online: a comprehensive collection of standards and guidelines


18 Oct 2019

Dentaid launches its second charity dental unit

Sustainability in practice

18 Oct 2019

Simple steps to introduce to your practice

All the latest news from SUSTAIN

30 Sep 2019

Should schools just be water and milk only?

Self Assessment for Beginners

30 Sep 2019

Guidance to taxpayers new to self assessment tax returns

Vaping casualties in the US

17 Sep 2019

UK academics and leaders in tobacco control attempt to reassure vapers

Trip to Philips US HQ

9 Aug 2019

As one of Philips KOLs, Anna was invited to visit its world HQ in Seattle Washington

A new method of tooth repair?

9 Aug 2019

Scientists uncover mechanisms that could inform future dental treatment

GDP takes over NHS Twitter account

26 Jul 2019

Jason Wong was guest editor of the @NHS Twitter account for a week

Volunteer in Malawi with Dentaid

23 Jul 2019

Help provide emergency treatment and oral health education programmes

FGDP(UK) welcomes new oral health requirement for schools

19 Jul 2019

UK was recently ranked the lowest of 13 countries

All inclusive

19 Jul 2019

Dental Showcase 17-19 October 2019, Birmingham NEC

Record breaking number of children hospitalised for eating disorders

12 Jul 2019

Parents warn of social media and celebrity idolisation

Local Arrhythmia Update

12 Jul 2019

A platform for education, as well as sharing best practice

FGDP(UK) welcomes report on oral heath in care homes

12 Jul 2019

One in six do not assess residents' oral health on admission

One million schoolboys denied HPV vaccination

12 Jul 2019

No catch-up programme for boys in Years 9-13

Systemic diseases and periodontitis

12 Jul 2019

Learn how periodontitis plays a role in co-morbidity of individuals

Simplifying, recognising and managing peri-implantitis

12 Jul 2019

Can you recognise the symptoms? Are you confident about treating this disease?

New resources to help teams support smoke free pregnancies

12 Jul 2019

On-line training available free!

Second HMRC Payment on Account Due by End of July

12 Jul 2019

Don't miss the deadline to pay your tax bill!

Providing care and understanding for patients with cleft lip and palate

12 Jul 2019

How much do we know about cleft lip and palate care?

A Symposium Dedicated to Dental Hygienists and Therapists

19 Jun 2019

The two-day lecture programme was tailored specifically to dental hygienists and therapists

Dentaid celebrates new premises at open day

19 Jun 2019

A new phase for the organisation as it seeks to build strategic relationships with the local community

The tooth about braces and smiling faces

19 Jun 2019

Parents question if orthodontics is worth the pain

The Scottish public agree – No more junk food ads!

10 Jun 2019

A 9pm watershed on junk food adverts

Past President’s published work in journal's top downloads…

10 Jun 2019

Certificate of achievement awarded to Marina Harris

TePe to work with Gabby Logan to help promote healthy smiles  

30 May 2019

Maintaining a healthy smile is extremely important to me

UK has among the highest internet use in the EU

30 May 2019

Addiction experts warn those who live life online rather than in real time risk mental health issues

Advertising wisdom tips for dental professionals  

30 May 2019

Advice on how to ethically sell yourself in the latest issue of the DDU journal

The App to support all generations goes live   

30 May 2019

"Unmasked" App to bridge the gap between mental health services

Arrhythmia Alliance announces world heart rhythm week 3 - 9 JUNE 2019

30 May 2019

Sudden Cardiac Death is the number one killer in the UK

Your Practice, Your Future

30 May 2019

Ever wondered how you might take your business to the next level?

Showcasing the Industry’s Finest

5 May 2019

Bringing together the trade and the profession from all corners of the UK

Offering an online alternative

17 Apr 2019

online CPD modules available for BSDHT members

Putting the safety of our members first

17 Apr 2019

A tailored, bespoke policy with a smaller price tag...

Boost your practice with the BSDHT

17 Apr 2019

Attract new patients with help from the BSDHT!

24th Congress of the European Association of Dental Public Health

17 Apr 2019

Patient-centered care: multi-sectoral approach to improving oral health

TERI Recycling Scheme Introduced for Interdental Brushes  

17 Apr 2019

Providing dental patients and staff with the UK’s first pilot recycling solution for interdental brushes


17 Apr 2019

A summary of the salient points from the recent BSDHT Council meeting

Overcoming the challenges of implant maintenance

21 Mar 2019

Helen Minnery explores some of the challenges in helping patients to maintain good oral health around dental implants

Oral hygiene contributes to a healthy heart

18 Mar 2019

Joint recommendations for health professionals and patients.

Could it be sepsis? New paper to raise awareness among dental professionals

18 Mar 2019

Every year in the UK 52,000 people die from sepsis – with 14,000 of these estimated to be preventable

Does cognitive function affect oral health during ageing?

18 Mar 2019

Poor cognitive function in older adults was associated with poorer oral health

Practices needed to carry out priority oral health research

26 Feb 2019

Two more days to take a short survey to identify your interest in carrying out oral health research

European Federation of Periodontology

26 Feb 2019

Experts set to publish joint recommendations

Charity warning over new telephone scam

26 Feb 2019

Telephone scam tricks victims into being charged premium rates

Professionals without legal representation face much tougher sanctions at GDC hearings

26 Feb 2019

Legal representation is important throughout all stages of an investigation

BSDHT Indemnity Update

20 Feb 2019

We are pleased to announce that, with effect from 5th March 2019, the widely adopted BSDHT Indemnity insurance arrangement will be transferring (subject to existing policy holder consent) from Howden to Bennett Gould and Partners Limited (BGP) as an intermediary alteration.

Vaping associated with increased risk of heart attack and strokes

18 Feb 2019

E-cigarette smokers increase their risk of having a heart attack or stroke, according to new research

NHS reveals double-whammy alcohol crisis

18 Feb 2019

Hospital admissions and deaths due to alcohol rocket

Dentistry services with social impact 

18 Feb 2019

Thanks to a one million pound investment from Big Issue Invest (BII)

Not too late to get on board with Fizz-Free February!  

18 Feb 2019

Play your part in promoting a cause so resonant with the profession

Free access

18 Feb 2019

Implementing the 2017 Classification of Periodontal Diseases to Reach a Diagnosis in Clinical Practice

Subjects allied to medicine are the most popular undergraduate courses of 2018/19

31 Jan 2019

The most popular undergraduate courses for men and women in 2018

BSDHT contributes to the Times and Raconteur Dental Health Supplement

29 Jan 2019

The Times and Raconteur Dental Health Supplement

 Study highlights link between periodontal disease and premature labour

24 Jan 2019

Pregnant women with periodontal disease are significantly more likely to go into early labour

Cochrane Systematic Review

24 Jan 2019

Home-based bleaching- new conclusions

Paying your tax bill?

24 Jan 2019

Beware of HMRC Payment on Account Glitch

Routine scale and polish for periodontal health in adults

22 Jan 2019

An update from the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews

Fruit extracts could provide the key to fighting tooth decay

22 Jan 2019

A handful of dark-coloured berries may lower the risk of tooth decay, a new study shows.

Self Assessment excuses and expenses

22 Jan 2019

From witches to family holidays, weird and wonderful Self Assessment excuses and expenses

GDC changes quality assurance for dentists’ education and training

27 Nov 2018

A major change for education providers

Latest NHS dental statistics reveal concerns for children

27 Nov 2018

Millions of children across England missing out on essential free dental care

Introducing Julie Deverick, BSDHT President

27 Nov 2018

Last Friday, during the Oral Health Conference in Telford, Julie Deverick was installed as the new President of BSDHT

Sugar tax revenue helps tackle childhood obesity

21 Nov 2018

Soft drinks manufacturers and traders have paid an extra £153.8 million in tax since April, statistics published by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) reveal today.

World Antibiotic Awareness Week

19 Nov 2018

Free resources available to help keep antibiotics working

The World’s Most Incredible Family Is Back!

19 Nov 2018

Encourage your younger patients to focus on fighting plaque with help from The Incredibles!

Free access to BDJ this month!

19 Nov 2018

During Mouth Cancer Action Month you can gain free access to the themed issue of the BDJ

Leaders from across the dental sector join forces to launch universal principles of good complaint handling

15 Nov 2018

28 organisations from across the dental sector have joined forces to launch a set of universal principles for good complaint handling today. The six core principles provide a simple template for best practice, helping professionals and patients to get the most from feedback and complaints, for the benefit of all.

Mouth cancer cases rise by 135%

14 Nov 2018

An alarming number of us are unable to spot the early warning signs

DDU launches new member app

8 Nov 2018

The new app allows DDU members to access expert dento-legal advice 24/7

World Diabetes Day 14th November

8 Nov 2018

Are you at risk of developing diabetes?

International Stress Awareness Week 5th – 9th November

8 Nov 2018

Stress, depression or anxiety accounts for 15.4 million work days lost

They who dare .... Win!

29 Oct 2018

This is a tale of a #girlboss in the making (didn’t know what that was till recently, but I like it)!

Single use Plastic in Dentistry – the Three ‘R’s

29 Oct 2018

The vast majority of medical and dental waste goes into landfill

The Homeless and Inclusion Oral Health Conference

28 Oct 2018

Learn how you can get involved and take action to improve the oral health of people experiencing homelessness and social exclusion

HIV-Infected Hispanic adults face higher risks of HPV-related cancers

26 Oct 2018

HPV causes 10 percent of cancers among HIV-infected people in the United States

Herbs key in the fight against antimicrobial resistance 

26 Oct 2018

NIMH draws attention to the contribution herbal medicines can make towards countering infections

Strong teeth make strong kids

26 Oct 2018

Encourage parents to lead the way

Everyone has teeth so get involved! 

17 Oct 2018

Tell us what you think are the 10 most important research questions

9 in 10 dentists fear being sued by patients

17 Oct 2018

More marketing campaigns by ‘No Win No fee’ firms compared to five years ago,

They Did It!

17 Oct 2018

Five go forth and raise a whopping total of £38,064!

Showcase Delivered

16 Oct 2018

Nearly 10,000 attendees and more than 350 exhibitors

Shining examples in San Francisco

16 Oct 2018

Golden tickets to The 2018 California Dental Association Conference in San Francisco

Is the possibility of ‘re-growing’ our own teeth about to become a reality?

16 Oct 2018

Two new pieces of pioneering research offer hope

DDU introduces social media e-learning course

16 Oct 2018

Learn how to use social media ethically and effectively

Mouth Cancer Action Month

16 Oct 2018

Raise awareness of mouth cancer and communicate the importance of early detection

Dental Protection judicial review successfully overturns GDC warning over minor driving offence  

2 Oct 2018

Similar cases dealt with in a fairer and more proportionate manner in future

FGDP(UK) publishes revised Standards in Dentistry

2 Oct 2018

A guide to personal or practice-based quality assessment

Dentistry that promises a ‘happy ever after’

2 Oct 2018

Happy Kids Dental’s fantasy approach to oral care looks set to change children’s health – in true fairytale fashion

Offering facial aesthetics to our patients

1 Oct 2018

Claire Berry argues the case for hygienists and therapists providing facial aesthetics

Make complaining easy for patients 

1 Oct 2018

Complaints are common and it’s vital to know how to respond to them professionally and appropriately

Help The Confident Dentist and be in with a chance to win over £1,500 of training

1 Oct 2018

How do you communicate with your team and patients?

Revealed: Medicine and dentistry degrees have the best ‘value for money’

25 Sep 2018

14,046 full-time undergraduate students were surveyed to discover which university subjects/courses have the best ‘value for money’.

New study offers hope to people living with long-term pain

25 Sep 2018

A ‘Navigator Tool’ has been developed to encourage positive communication between people living with long-term pain and their GP or specialist

Individuals with Alzheimer’s disease are more often hospitalised after initiating antibiotic use

25 Sep 2018

Infections are a significant cause of hospitalisation in people with dementia

Call for positive action on school meals 

25 Sep 2018

Reduce excess sugar and ensure children and young people eat more fruit and vegetables

Launch of new denture guidelines sheds light on correct maintenance and cleaning

7 Sep 2018

NEW GLOBAL GUIDELINES have been announced to tackle the wealth of inconsistent and contradictory advice on the best care and maintenance of full dentures.

“A rep is here to see you…”

6 Sep 2018

How can I find the time for this? The rep leaves, and the Test Drive sits in the cupboard for a month.

Making connections to better children’s oral health

6 Sep 2018

Helping children to better understand the need for good oral hygiene gives them the tools they need to stay healthy as they grow up

Charity team set to conquer one of the UK’s highest mountains to raise money in the fight against mouth cancer

6 Sep 2018

A charity team is set to tackle the daunting Striding Edge challenge to raise money and help continue the fight against mouth cancer in the UK

New advice on Antibiotic Prophylaxis Against Infective Endocarditis

6 Sep 2018

A new publication from SDCEP: Implementation Advice on Antibiotic Prophylaxis Against Infective Endocarditis

Submit your poster today!

28 Aug 2018

Some great cash prizes are available so don’t miss the deadline!

Young woman receives total face transplant

28 Aug 2018

The Longest nap of my entire life

FGDP(UK) endorses new advice on antibiotic prophylaxis

28 Aug 2018

The Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme (SDCEP) has published implementation advice

HPV infection rates lower than expected

28 Aug 2018

However, smokers and those with more sexual partners are most at risk of infection

Get on Board with the #BoatBash!

28 Aug 2018

An event is in aid of dental charity BrushUpUK: an evening of fun, entertainment and gambling!

At the heart of health

28 Aug 2018

Many CVDs are preventable with some simple lifestyle changes

Are you CPD compliant?

28 Aug 2018

Today is the deadline for submitting your CPD statement to the General Dental Council

Additional benefits for BSDHT members

6 Aug 2018

The right policy for you?

Look to the future with the BSDHT

6 Aug 2018

Make sure you take advantage of Early Bird registration!

Diabetics face a higher risk of mouth cancer, with women in far more danger

3 Aug 2018

New research shows that women who suffer from diabetes face increased chance of developing mouth cancer

BSDHT Takes First Smiles to London

3 Aug 2018

‘Toothy Tuesday’ with Annette Matthews at Eldon Primary School in London

Oral health – where do we go from here? 

1 Aug 2018

Key opinion leaders brought together to agree a vision to improve patients' oral health

An Interview with…Anna Middleton

31 Jul 2018

My main challenge is to give my patients an excellent experience which makes them smile!

Effective diagnosis of persistent facial pain will benefit patients and save money

31 Jul 2018

There is a need to screen patients with a Graded Chronic Pain Scale (GCPS) to ensure those most severely affected receive specialist care quickly

Free online CPD: Alcohol (Identification and Brief Advice) for dental teams

31 Jul 2018

Evidence has shown that providing simple alcohol advice results in significant and sustained reductions in weekly drinking

Dental Industry Sepsis Campaign

27 Jul 2018

Preventable deaths: an exploration of sepsis to develop clinical understanding and improve practice

GSK in partnership with Smile Train

27 Jul 2018

Changing the lives of children born with clefts

Update from the Manchester Exemptions Campaign event

27 Jul 2018

Thank you to all delegates who battled the inclement weather to attend

Breath tests may allow for earlier detection of pancreatic cancer

18 Jul 2018

Published today, study indicates that breath analyses may help detect pancreatic cancer earlier, when curative treatments may be possible

Which strategies help cut consumption of sugary beverages in young children?

18 Jul 2018

In a paper published today, analysis included 27 studies that were conducted exclusively among children aged 0 to 5 years to reduce consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages

A victory in the fight against HPV

18 Jul 2018

BSDHT happily welcomes the decision reached by the DoH concerning the extension of the HPV vaccine to boys under the national programme

Elite athletes’ performance negatively impacted by oral disease

16 Jul 2018

Oral health should be an integral part of sports medicine

All bases covered at OHC 2018

16 Jul 2018

Learn about the use of the new classification system for periodontal and peri-implant diseases that was released during Europerio 9 in Amsterdam, June 2018

Antibiotic resistance among patients with severe gum disease is increasing

16 Jul 2018

Trend raises concern over the indiscriminate use of antibiotics in periodontal treatment

Articaine proven as safe as Lidocaine for dental procedures

13 Jul 2018

Study results found that articaine did not cause increased neurotoxicity or delayed responsiveness in human-derived cells as compared with lidocaine

Plymouth becomes first dental school to gain Royal College of Surgeons’ centre accreditation

13 Jul 2018

The RCS provides a quality mark for surgical education and, having achieved centre accreditation, the mark applies to all of the dental school’s educational programmes.

Innovating implant dentistry – a team approach

12 Jul 2018

DHContact caught up with Juliette Reeves to get the inside scoop on the importance of team work in the field of implant dentistry

NHS70 – Seven facts for seven decades

5 Jul 2018

How the NHS has evolved since it sprang into being on July 5, 1948, and the changing health and lifestyles of the population

High-quality evidence that all forms of NRT help increase chances stopping smoking

5 Jul 2018

This updated Cochrane Review adds 18 new studies to when it was last updated in 2012

From Sara Hurley CDO, England: Notice on the restrictions of use and disposal of dental amalgam  

5 Jul 2018

All clinicians need to be aware of the European Union Regulation 2017/852 regarding the use and disposal of mercury

New research finds link between gum disease and erectile dysfunction

5 Jul 2018

Men who suffer from periodontal disease are twice as likely to have erectile dysfunction

Will banning plastic straws affect the nation’s oral health?

5 Jul 2018

Plastic straws may be banned in the UK from as soon as 2019

Poster Time!

5 Jul 2018

Entries are now being accepted for the BSDHT Annual Poster Competition, sponsored by Waterpik

How your favourite tipple could be changing the bacteria in your mouth… and it’s not good news!

29 Jun 2018

Just one alcoholic drink a day changes the balance of bacteria in the mouth and can lead to a range of diseases from tooth decay to cancer, a new study has revealed.

Review helps clinicians understand dental implant complications

29 Jun 2018

A recent study in the current issue of the Journal of Oral Implantology examines current scientific literature to gain a better understanding of peri-implantitis

Fluoride added to water supplies confirmed as SAFE, according to landmark research  

29 Jun 2018

Local authorities from across the United Kingdom should add fluoride to water supplies, following new research confirms it has no negative effects

Grant to develop chair-side test for periodontal disease

29 Jun 2018

A chair-side test that could help to identify periodontal diseases before they present symptoms could be closer to reality

Don’t miss the OHC Early-bird discount!

29 Jun 2018

Discounted entrance fee still available for what is expected to be another outstanding event

Oral health – where do we go from here? 

29 Jun 2018

Key opinion leaders come together for the OH! Panel

Think supplier, think BDIA member

28 Jun 2018

The British Dental Industry Association (BDIA) has launched a new initiative, ‘Think Supplier, Think BDIA Member’ to remind the dental profession of the benefits of purchasing from BDIA member companies.

Government announces new measures to halve childhood obesity by 2030

28 Jun 2018

New measures to halve the number of obese children by 2030 have been announced by Health and Social Care Secretary Jeremy Hunt

Good record keeping key in phase-down of dental amalgam

28 Jun 2018

Dental Protection is reminding clinicians in the UK to maintain good clinical records and obtain full consent if a decision is made to use amalgam as a restorative material, ahead of changes to EU Regulations on its use

 Smoking influences the efficacy of non-surgical periodontal treatment

28 Jun 2018

Results of a study presented at EuroPerio9 found that smoking impacts periodontal healing after non-surgical treatment

 Healthy diet significantly reduces gum disease

28 Jun 2018

According to a study presented at EuroPerio9, just four weeks of a healthy diet can significantly reduce gingivitis.

Periodontal and peri-implant diseases and conditions: New classification

28 Jun 2018

A new global classification system for periodontal health, diseases and conditions, as well as peri-implant diseases and conditions, has been announced at the EuroPerio9

Strong teeth make strong kids!

15 Jun 2018

A third of 12-year-old children are too embarrassed to smile or laugh due to the condition of their teeth

The generous Tooth Fairy: £23.7M under the pillows of the nation’s children

15 Jun 2018

British children receive almost £24m each year from the Tooth Fairy, according to the results of a new nationwide survey

Gum disease and coronary artery disease share genetic basis

15 Jun 2018

Results of a meta-analysis to be presented at EuroPerio9 explores common molecular pathway to both diseases 

Stonehaven HyGenius scoops national award

4 Jun 2018

SCOTLAND’S Trish Maitland has been announced as a winner of Nominate A Smile – a UK-wide search to find special individuals who deserve recognition for their impact in the community.

 The cost of looking after your oral health

4 Jun 2018

Average Brit spends £196 every year…and that doesn’t include dental visits!

EuroPerio9 full scientific programme online

4 Jun 2018

The EuroPerio9 full scientific programme is online today, including abstracts.  It can also be consulted on the EFP App.

Spoilt for choice

31 May 2018

Dental Hygienists and therapists were spoilt for choice at the Dentistry Show 2018, with this year’s programme more educational and inspiring than ever before.

All Smiles Ahead for BSDHT!

22 May 2018

Were you there?

Forever Learning

22 May 2018

Dental Showcase: 4-6 October, ExCel in London's Docklands

Integrate breath biopsy into your clinical practice

22 May 2018

A short 10 minute webinar gives an overview of the science behind breath biomarkers and explains how you can incorporate breath biomarkers into your own clinical practice

Charity uncovers overwhelming support for ban on sale of energy drinks for under 16’s

22 May 2018

The Oral Health Foundation is calling for an immediate wholesale ban on the sale of energy drinks to under 16’s in the United Kingdom.

Nutritional labelling for healthier food or non-alcoholic drink purchasing and consumption

22 May 2018

With recent changes to nutritional labels in the US, UK and other countries, this Cochrane Review offers timely evidence

New website gives opportunities for everybody to campaign for better oral health

16 May 2018

The Oral Health Foundation has relaunched its website, giving its supporters more opportunities to be actively involved in raising awareness of important causes

BSP takes part in European Gum Health Awareness Day

16 May 2018

The BSP has launched a campaign called ‘A Lifetime of Smiling’ aimed at raising awareness of gum health and its implications during pregnancy and childhood.

Mission (Im)Possible

16 May 2018

Five dental business consultants are cycling almost 1,000 miles in fifteen days to raise funds for Cancer Research, Bridge2Aid and BrushUpUK

Partnership to protect those First Smiles

2 May 2018

Coordinated local community campaign launched to improve oral health awareness in the young

Association of Dental Groups (ADG) confident that more can be done

2 May 2018

While action is being taken in the form of Sugar Tax, the Check by One campaign and programmes such as Teeth Team, more can always be done

Convenient CPD and guidance

2 May 2018

BSDHT can help you to see how you should be focusing your CPD in the future

Parents shocked and confused over sugar in yogurts

25 Apr 2018

A NEW public health campaign in Liverpool is warning that so-called healthy yogurts could be tipping children over their daily sugar limit

Safeguarding children

25 Apr 2018

Do you know what safeguarding training you need?

Mind Your Back – tackling back pain five S.T.E.P.S. at a time

25 Apr 2018

Manage your back pain in five simple S.T.E.P.S.

New Diabetes Library Launched

18 Apr 2018

A new online resource providing patients with detailed, accessible and easily comprehendible information

Passive Vaping: A guide for parrots

12 Apr 2018

Brilliant new film released today on the health effects of secondhand vapour

Extended Duty Courses at Bristol Dental Hospital

11 Apr 2018

Bristol Dental Hospital is running courses in Local Anaesthetic Administration, Impressions and Temporary Dressing placement later this year

Come and meet the team on stand P65 at The Dentistry Show

11 Apr 2018

BSDHT will be at The Dentistry Show - come and chat!

Stress-busting at the British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show 2018

10 Apr 2018

Marina Harris will be presenting “Stress within our profession – stop beating ourselves up about it!” at the The Dentistry Show 2018


10 Apr 2018

A survey by The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) and Mumsnet reveals difficulty accessing free oral health care and lack of awareness of dental checks for 1 year olds

Join us for Smile in Pink 2018

10 Apr 2018

bridge2aid want you to Smile in Pink to raise both funds & awareness for millions of people in East Africa

BSDHT release statement about the Sugar Tax

6 Apr 2018

The BSDHT has widely circulated a statement regarding the introduction of the sugar tax

Pregnancy Matters!

6 Apr 2018

The BSP has placed on their website a range of educational material to help patients understand the symptoms and risks associated with periodontal disease during pregnancy

Current global shortage of hepatitis B vaccine

6 Apr 2018

Continued constraints are expected this year due to the backlog of people (including some healthcare staff and students) whose vaccination was deferred last year

Finding the perfect balance

6 Apr 2018

Deborah Lyle will be presenting several lectures to dental hygienists and dental therapists across the two days of the Dentistry Show 2018

Calling all BSDHT members!

3 Apr 2018

Three grants are now available for you to make a difference to your community!

A fun and worthwhile campaign

3 Apr 2018

BSDHT First Smiles 2018 needs YOU to get involved!

New water fluoridation report paves way to eliminating children’s dental health crisis in England

27 Mar 2018

Public Health England (PHE) has now published Water fluoridation: health monitoring in England 2018

Non-smokers are much more likely than smokers to develop mouth cancer if they show early warning signs  

27 Mar 2018

New research has discovered that non-smokers face a substantially higher risk of developing mouth cancer than smokers if they have precancerous lesions in their mouth

 Gum disease having devastating impact on general health and well-being

20 Mar 2018

World Oral Health Day – Tuesday 20 March 2018- a new report has revealed the widespread and devastating impact of oral disease on general health and wellbeing

Calling all innovative dental hygienists and therapists!

20 Mar 2018

Innovative dental hygienists and therapists are invited to join Phase 4 of the Clinical Entrepreneurial programme - applications open from 05 March to 31 March 2018

Helping refugees understand the importance of oral health

20 Mar 2018

British Red Cross volunteers have received ‘Dental Champion’ training to help them promote good oral health among refugees

The tooth about old wives’ dental tales

14 Mar 2018

New study presents evidence for causal links between the number of natural children and missing teeth

BSDHT Launches First Smiles 2018

1 Mar 2018

This year’s First Smiles campaign will take place around the country on Friday 15th June 2018

New opportunities for dental hygienists and dental therapists

1 Mar 2018

Industry Qualifications (IQ) entry criteria for the Level 7 Certificate in Injectables in Aesthetic Medicine, now recognises dental hygienists and dental therapists

GDC: consultation proposing changes to the way it quality assures education and training 

1 Mar 2018

The GDC is proposing changes to the way it quality assures education and training leading to registration for dental professionals

International HPV Awareness Day: Everything you need to know about the world’s most common STI

1 Mar 2018

Sunday 4 March is International HPV Awareness Day, a global event aimed at raising awareness and preventing cancers caused by HPV

New Cochrane Review: nutritional labelling on menus may reduce calorie intake

1 Mar 2018

New evidence shows that adding calorie labels to menus and next to food in restaurants, coffee shops and cafeterias, could reduce the calories that people consume, although the quality of evidence is low

Dentacoin and dentistry

1 Mar 2018

Floss Bar, a New York-based company, is aiming to make routine dental care by dental hygienists easily accessible to everyone

Drinking fruit tea between meals risks erosion of teeth

27 Feb 2018

Consuming acidic drinks between meals increases the chance of moderate or severe tooth erosion, eleven-fold

The definitive guide to illegal tooth whitening

27 Feb 2018

To improve public awareness around the legalities of tooth whitening, the Oral Health Foundation has put together a definitive guide on unscrupulous tooth whitening

Exciting times for the BSDHT

27 Feb 2018

With so much going on right now, these are exciting times for our organisation.

Updated radiography guideline

26 Feb 2018

The FGDP(UK)’s  Selection Criteria for Dental Radiography has been updated following the implementation of revised regulations on the use of ionising radiation - free online

GDC’s Patient and Public Survey reveals satisfaction remains very high

26 Feb 2018

67% of those who visit the dentist at least once a year say they are ‘very satisfied’ - an increase of six percentage points over the last five years.

GDC launches consultation on new approach to setting fees

26 Feb 2018

The regulator is consulting on proposals which aim to better explain how and why funds are used, to be clearer about how costs are allocated and to provide more certainty about the level of fee registrants can expect to pay.

Dental Hygienist donates kidney to a patient

22 Feb 2018

A Dental Hygienist has donated a kidney to a patient when he told her about his condition during a routine dental appointment. The 62-year-old credits a dental appointment with saving his life.

National Smile Month set to put a smile on your face

22 Feb 2018

National Smile Month takes place between 14 May and 14 June this year.

Your support is needed!

22 Feb 2018

We are here to present and fight for the profession – help us continue by pledging your support today!

e-cigarettes: learn how to help smokers quit

8 Feb 2018

A new online training module has just been launched: E-cigarettes- a guide for healthcare professionals

A national project with a chance for all DCPs to get involved!  

8 Feb 2018

Become part of a national network of digital enabled DCP and gain experience in digital technology, information sharing, leadership and management

HPV is not gender specific!

8 Feb 2018

Please support the cause and help us to spread the word

Access the new online module for Sensodyne Rapid Relief

8 Feb 2018

Following the recent launch of NEW Sensodyne Rapid Relief a new distance learner module is now available online. An opportunity to earn up to 1.5 hours fully certifiable CPD.

Sneezes can travel nearly three metres - students underline NHS message to help contain flu

30 Jan 2018

Second-year Dental Therapy and Hygiene students have delivered a workshop to young adults with mild learning difficulties on cross-infection and how bacteria can be kept at bay 

Could a simple text message help beat mouth cancer?

30 Jan 2018

New research has shown that regular text message reminders can be an effective way of combating mouth cancer

In their own words: Elderly people reveal what stops them visiting the dentist

30 Jan 2018

First hand accounts from elderly people have revealed what is really getting in the way of them making regular visits to the dentist

The EFP calls for action  to reduce the burden of tooth decay and gum disease

30 Jan 2018

A new website ( has been launched to provide recommendations for health professionals, researchers, policymakers and the public

Introducing Lunos – A New Premium Prophylaxis System

30 Jan 2018

The new premium prophylaxis brand Lunos® covers a range of products that combine to form a cohesive system, offering unique advantages over existing products

Statistics for child extractions in England raise concerns

30 Jan 2018

BSDHT has circulated a press release highlighting its concern about the growing numbers of children's extractions

HPV Action - boys’ immunisation programme delayed!

30 Jan 2018

The first step towards a boys' immunisation programme has been delayed indefinitely

Donation helps to protect Cambodian children’s teeth

5 Jan 2018

2,000 units of fluoride varnish have been donated for Dentaid to use on its projects around the world

What can we do to increase the life expectancy of our patients’ enamel?

5 Jan 2018

View this webinar for yourself and earn up to 1 hour of CPD

New model of CPD comes into force for UK professionals

5 Jan 2018

The GDC has launched its new model of CPD

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