A Final 'From the President' Message from Julie Deverick

Nov 2020

Eventually everything comes to an end and this is it for me, my last ‘From the President’. I have been privileged to have been on the Executive since 2013 and can honestly say that when I sent in my nomination form for honorary secretary I did not expect that I would still be here seven years later. I have witnessed so much change within BSDHT and the dental profession that it’s only right that I reflect on the last two years.


The Strategy is a living document and needs addressing as each element is completed. In April 2019 the Executive discussed the needs of the Society and members and wrote the new Strategy which is discussed at each meeting. I am pleased to say that several of the goals have already been achieved: increase number of webinars; grow the membership; provide a mentorship scheme; produce toolkits to help members; include the four nations in our business; address equality inclusion and diversity and offer a suite of insurance policies for members. There are lots more goals but each takes time and in this current climate it’s not possible to work on them. Be assured though, the BSDHT team know where they are going and how they will achieve each goal.

Shaping the future

Apart from the usual stakeholder meetings, BSDHT has, for many years, been recognised by many other dental organisations as a source of expertise and knowledge. As such I can proudly show some of the areas where BSDHT has contributed in the last two years: 

  • Julie Deverick – SDCEP Working Group Mitigation of AGPs, Advancing Dental Care (ADC)
  • Diane Rochford – (as part of the BAPD DCP Group) FGDP (UK) COVID-19 guidelines for a safe return
  • Michaela ONeill – Exemptions Project
  • Sally Simpson – ADC, Delivering Better Oral Health (DBOH)
  • Miranda Steeples – DBOH
  • Simone Ruzario – DBOH
  • Jocelyn Harding– DBOH
  • Emma Bingham – GDC Education QA Monitoring RV working group
  • Leon Bassi – BSP Working Group to produced EB guidance for treating perio stages I, II and III
  • Emma Pacey – Oral Health Improvement in Special Education Settings
  • Deborah Stratford – National Advisory Board for Human Factors in Dentistry and as the BSDHT rep for the Dental Professional Alliance teamed up with the British Dental Association to bring greater awareness of mental health and wellbeing to the whole dental team.
  • Diane Hunter – ADC Dental Primary Care Reference Group

    I am a firm believer that the right person for the job should be chosen and not just those with an executive position. There are so many members who are highly qualified, experienced and have a passion for a particular subject and it would be wrong of us not to look to you when we are approached by organisations. Please let us know if you would like to be considered, if you don’t speak up, you’ll never get that opportunity. 


This has been a desire of mine and BSDHT for many years and I’m so pleased that we have managed to source an educational establishment, University of Kent, to create a bespoke course for us which will be delivered in February and March 2021. Twenty places will be filled and we will then be able to offer mentorship to all our members. There was a need for this pre-pandemic but now I feel even more so. Further details of the scheme will be announced.


This is the s econd year for our ambassadors and none of us expected the first year to be quite as it has been. However, they stepped up and have contributed by producing articles, social media posts and shouting about the benefits of being a BSDHT member to all who will listen. Thank you for your dedication to BSDHT and the fresh air you have breathed into the Society. If you think you would be a great BSDHT ambassador please contact the office and let them know.

Exemptions project

The public consultation document has just been launched. Please support it by completing it yourself and telling your family, friends, and patients about it as their voice of support is vitally important in making this a success. BSDHT and BADT have worked on this for several years – now it’s over to you to help make it a reality.


Dental Professional Alliance (DPA)

It’s only been a short time since BSDHT joined together with five other DCP organisations and it has been a great source of support for each of us. Together we can highlight our concerns and difficulties and offer support and advice. Again, this pandemic has highlighted the need to work with others and not remain in isolation. I’d like to thank Fiona Ellwood for forming this group, it has helped the dental profession.


This has been a particularly hard time for students and those newly qualified dental hygienists and dental therapists. BSDHT has managed to arrange some online school presentations and has produced an amazing Toolkit for preparing to practice which gives advice from how to register with the GDC to CV writing. Thank you to Claire Bennett, Diane Rochford, Laura McClune, Annette Matthews and Amber Ojak for putting this together.

Dental Nurse Support

This is an ongoing issue and I was aware that it would not be resolved in my presidency as it is such an ingrained issue and cultural one that it will take a war of attrition to eventually get to a point that is acceptable. The survey to members was very clear in its support for full time dental nurse support. BSDHT will not let go of this issue and we will continue to raise it in all forums.

BSDHT through the pandemic

Nobody could have foreseen this year and I am so proud of how BSDHT reacted to the crisis, at a time when chaos reigned, BSDHT stepped up and gave so much to members: we froze membership fees for three months; indemnity was extended for two months; facilitated hours of free webinars; delivered virtual clinics; utilised the benevolent fund for some members to remain on the register; answered hundreds of enquiries from worried and anxious members; arranged legal support for those with employment issues; weekly VLOGs; produced the toolkit for practice; sent out BSDHT Bites to all our members. None of this would have been possible without the unwavering and unconditional support of the BSDHT administration - Sharon Broom, Selina Vegad, Tracey Trapp and Louisa Porter. I have to single out Sharon and Selina as they have put in so many extra hours and given so much of themselves which was above and beyond what was expected. They are the dream team and I have been so thankful they are part of the BSDHT family, I am hugely indebted to them both.

My other thanks must go to the Executive who have been so supportive, creative and proactive throughout my term. It’s been a privilege being part of this team and I know that Diane will be given as much support as you have given me. Thank you to all BSDHT regional groups and members who help to make BSDHT what it is. To Emma Davison and Sharon Saunders, the long-suffering practice owner and practice manager who have accepted my BSDHT role and changing my diary at the drop of a hat, without question and supported me through this journey. Also, to Adrienne Willoughby who stepped in many times to cover my clinics. My family has also had to take a back seat many times. Give them a few months and they may be wishing I was busy again…

It was a particular honour to be your President as BSDHT marked a landmark anniversary. Last year, in 2019 we celebrated 70 years of this amazing organisation: for many years we were BDHA and now we are BSDHT. An amazing achievement for any organisation! I look forward to watching Diane and her new team take BSDHT to new heights, as I know she will.

So, as I said, everything comes to an end but for me that means there’s a new beginning and my plan is to head off in my camper van with my husband and explore the world (safely). Good bye and best wishes to everyone.


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