Access the new online module for Sensodyne Rapid Relief


Following the recent launch of NEW Sensodyne Rapid Relief we are pleased to announce that a new distance learner module is now available online.
Click Here to access the module.

The module has been designed to ensure participants:

  • Understand the patient impact of DH
  • Find out more about the mode of action of NEW Sensodyne Rapid Relief
  • Are aware of the clinical support for the product
  • Understand the benefits of long term management of DH
New Sensodyne Rapid Relief – Engineered for Speed
  • Contains a balance of active stannous fluoride and facilitating polymer which accelerates the dentine tubule occlusion process 1
  • Starts working from the first brush 2,3
  • Clinically proven relief in 60 seconds 2,3
  • Provides a 64% reduction in DH after 8 weeks 4
Recommend Sensodyne Rapid Relief for proven fast relief and long-lasting protection*


*with twice daily brushing

References: 1. Accepted for presentation at IADR 2017. Abstract no: 2631820. 2. GSK Data on File 207211. July 2016. 3. Accepted for presentation at IADR 2017. Abstract no: 2635085. 4. Parkinson CR et al. Am J Dent 2015 Aug; 28(4): 190-196.



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