Accreditation for thumb sucking solution from Thumbsie®


Accreditation for thumb sucking solution from Thumbsie®

Thumbsie® is excited to announce that it has received Product Accreditation from the Oral Health Foundation. 

Thumbsie® works alongside dental professionals to help to stop children thumb sucking, which can create dental problems.  

The Oral Health Foundation Accreditation panel welcomed this innovative product, designed to tackle the problem of damage to a child's occlusion. The panel complimented the submission, and the array of evidence provided to support the problems associated with thumb sucking.

Official accreditation from the Oral Health Foundation means that a product has been independently endorsed by experts. They said that Thumbsie® had included substantial anecdotal statements from the public verifying how this product had helped ‘break the habit’ of thumb/finger sucking in children.

Consumers can be very confident that if they buy an accredited product it has been verified to be effective, as well as of a very high quality.

Jo Bates, owner and founder of Thumbsie® said, ‘To be accredited by the Oral Health Foundation is amazing, I am absolutely thrilled. We know that Thumbsie® is a great product as we have so many lovely success stories and happy customers, but to have approval from such a prestigious national body will give our customers assurance and confidence when buying from us. I hope that this means that more people will find out about and trust Thumbsie® to help their child to stop thumb or finger sucking, quickly and easily, taking away the stress and anxiety that some families experience with this difficult process.’

The Thumbsie® is all the more relevant during the current COVID 19 pandemic as thumb sucking could help a virus get into the moist parts of the face (eyes, mouth, nose). A Thumbsie® can make giving up faster and easy, reducing the chances of infection.

The fabric thumb guard is handmade and fits over the thumb or finger like a glove for the prevention of thumb sucking in children. There are over 40 child friendly fabric patterns to choose from which means that there will be something that everyone can enjoy wearing, whether it is unicorns or trucks.

The glove is secured around the wrist using Velcro®. The glove comes in 5 different sizes, it has a simple measuring guide, which helps the guard to fit well on either hand. The product covers the thumb or finger and acts as a constant reminder when they put their thumb in their mouth.

Thumbsie® was created in 2013 when Jo Bates couldn’t find an effective solution for her own daughter’s thumb sucking problems. She made a fabric thumb guard which stopped her daughter sucking within 5 weeks. Seeing a gap in the market she launched her business and has been helping other families who are struggling with thumb and finger sucking ever since. Thumbsie® is an award-winning business as Winner of the Innovation of the year at the Dental Industry Awards 2019 and Best Retail or Consumer Business at the Best Business Women Awards in 2019.

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