BSDHT Indemnity Update

BSDHT Indemnity Update

We are pleased to announce that, with effect from 5th March 2019, the widely adopted BSDHT Indemnity insurance arrangement will be transferring (subject to existing policy holder consent) from Howden to Bennett Gould and Partners Limited (BGP) as an intermediary alteration.

With their extensive experience in the scheme and affinity space, BGP are well placed to support the continued growth of our BSDHT Indemnity following the wide uptake it has seen in the first 24 months since its launch.

The BSDHT is pleased to be partnering with BGP who will continue the management of our unique product – the only insurance policy created solely for Dental Hygienists and Therapists.

BGP hold a fantastic relationship with the insurer, Beazley, who will continue to work in collaboration alongside the BSDHT in building upon the firm foundation that has been set. We believe Bennett Gould and Partners will provide the platform to support our ambitious growth.

As we have echoed previously, Dental Hygienists and Therapists are typically a low exposure, low risk group. We firmly believe now as we did in 2017 – our members should not have to incur the higher premiums of standard insurance policies that include other dental professionals who are exposed to higher risk. This is why our BSDHT Indemnity continues to evolve alongside our profession.

Adrian Gyde, Managing Director at BGP commented:

“Bennett Gould and Partners are a perfect match for the BSDHT. With the flexibility and expertise to fuel its growth ambitions we are confident we can attend to the needs of the BSDHT and its unique membership. We are looking forward to working closely with the BSDHT to continue to support its members”


Julie Deverick, President BSDHT, added:

“The BSDHT is very appreciative of Howden’s leadership of the design and launch of BSDHT Indemnity. We are looking forward to the scheme’s continued growth, working alongside Bennett Gould and Partners, who have considerable experience in this space.”


All policyholders will be personally updated regarding the intermediary change and Howden will be reaching out to policy holders in the coming weeks to obtain consent in writing. There will be no disruption to your existing arrangement whatsoever, as the insurer, Beazley, remain in place with no interruption as a result of this change.

For more information on the transfer of your account from Howden to Bennett Gould and Partners, please contact Nicky Ford on

About Bennett Gould and Partners

Bennett Gould and Partners Ltd (“BGP”) is a specialist Lloyd’s of London insurance broker, part of the Trans Continental Insurance Services Group. A recognised leader in the field of medical insurance, BGP has developed a wide range of products for the medical and care industries. BGP is working closely with the BSDHT to distribute and enhance bespoke products designed specifically for Dental Hygienists and Therapists.

More information about the BSDHT indemnity can be found here:


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