BSP UK Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Treatment of Periodontitis

BSP UK Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Treatment of Periodontitis

  • Evidenced-based clinical guidelines for the treatment of gum disease
  • Help the public understand about gum disease
  • Raise awareness of how you can look after your gums and maintain good oral health
  • Encourage the patient to take ownership of their disease and highlight the ways they can do this

The 2017 Classification of Periodontal Diseases scheme has been specifically designed to allow for an individualised treatment approach, taking into account the specifics of every case, including severity, extent, progression rates and local and systemic complicating factors. Therefore, the logical next step was to develop clinical guidelines based on the classification.

The European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) has spearheaded this development, choosing the highest quality level for guideline development, the S3 format that takes into account both a systematic appraisal of the published evidence as well as the clinical experience of a large group of stakeholders.

The development of the guideline was finalised in a workshop in November 2019. Many of the BSP Council/members were involved in the systematic reviews and participated as chairs or working group members. The BSP believe that this is an incredibly important project. Poor gum health can lead to tooth loss and affect other systemic health issues, so it was wonderful that European experts came together to look at the 4 main phases of periodontal disease management with a view to creating clear guidelines for all.

Within each of the four sections below, the experts looked at specific questions within each category and systematically reviewed the literature in order to provide evidence-based answers:

Self-care (oral hygiene) and behaviour modification (risk factor control)

Non-surgical treatments

Surgical therapy

Supportive care/maintenance

As a result, the S3 Guideline will become the “go-to” document for professionals who need clarification on clinical questions and for patients keen to manage their periodontal disease.

The guidelines were finally published in May 2020 and the BSP moved rapidly to take the European document and develop a British version of the guidelines, making sure they were suitable for our UK healthcare system. This was done using the GRADE ADOLOPMENT framework.

“Adolop” simply means that we discussed the guidelines and adopted, modified or developed them as we saw fit, to ensure they were appropriate for us to share with UK dental professionals (dentists, hygienists, therapists), patients and the public.

Led by Prof. Nicola West and Prof. Moritz Kebschull, the BSP held online working group meetings during lockdown and worked incredibly hard to review the EFP’s Evidenced-based Treatment Guidelines.

We were delighted to engage the services of Professor Ina Kopp, who kindly agreed to moderate the whole of this process for the BSP. Ina has extensive experience in leading, strengthening and supporting international collaborations in guideline development. Her excellent moderation skills and lovely manner ensured that the discussions at every meeting were relevant and useful. The BSP is extremely grateful for her contributions to the discussions, which made our collaboration with dental professionals, medical experts, stakeholders and BSP Patient Forum members run smoothly.

The meetings were held online during June and July and Professor West remarked on the speed and success of the project:

We were keen to involve several stakeholders in this project, from a variety of organisations, to gain a broader insight and include different perspectives when reviewing the clinical recommendations. I was delighted to have such fantastic working groups comprised of dental professionals, medical experts, stakeholders and BSP Patient Forum who were all committed to rapidly review the European guidelines.

Together, we achieved an enormous task in a very short time, and I am extremely proud to have led this initiative with Moritz. I greatly appreciate the tremendous support of all participants and would like to thank them for their time, dedication and valuable contributions which helped make this project a huge success.”

Professor Kebschull echoed the sentiments of Professor West and added:

“It was a pleasure to work with the BSP on this important project. The BSP UK version of the guidelines will be an important document, as the recommendations provide evidence-based support for specialists, dentists, dental hygienists and dental therapists. I very much look forward to working with the Society and workshop participants again, next year, when the S-4 Treatment Guidelines are published.”

The BSP paper has been published today in the Journal of Dentistry:

This is an important document, as the recommendations provide evidence-based support for specialists, dentists, dental hygienists and dental therapists. The Guidelines communicate in a very transparent way the evidence behind all the treatment interventions that we do in dealing with a case of periodontitis (gum disease).

The Society is also running a series of four free educational webinars to assist members and the wider dental community in interpreting the guidelines. The BSP has been kindly supported by GSK to record several educational videos and produce flowchart resources to help dental care professionals to implement the guidelines in clinical practice. By creating a series of short video clips, to be shared via social media and our website, we can help to spread the important educational message to the wider dental profession, patients and the public.

A lay version of the guidelines for the public and patients is also being produced. It was extremely important to the BSP to involve patients, who could present their important viewpoints in the workshops. They have also been involved in the process of creating a lay version of the guidelines. This lay version will allow patients to empower themselves with evidence-based information to both take responsibility for aspects of their disease management and know that they are being offered appropriate, contemporary, evidence-based treatment.

In addition, the BSP has created a lay flowchart, which conveys the importance of gum health in a simplified, informative way. Our aim in creating resources for patients and the public include:

  • Help the public understand what gum disease is
  • Raise awareness of how you can look after your gums and maintain good oral health
  • Reduce the stigma associated with gum disease (as highlighted in “The Sound of Periodontitis” video) by identifying the many causes including smoking, diabetes etc.
  • Highlight that more can be done to aid gum health in addition to brushing your teeth
  • Encourage the patient to take ownership of their disease and highlight the ways they can do this

The BSP will continue to add the resources and videos as soon as they are finalised:



About the BSP

The British Society of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry was founded in 1949 to promote public and professional awareness of periodontology and implant dentistry to achieve our vision of “Periodontal Health for a Better Life”.

We enjoy research, debate and actively getting involved in issues that affect members and our work. We are keen promoters of periodontology and dental implantology and are working hard, through various initiatives, to significantly raise awareness to the public, patients, dental and medical professionals. One of our strategic aims is to work with key stakeholders and influence national and international policy makers to promote periodontal health.

To reflect our commitment to progression and innovation, the BSP awards prizes for research into periodontology - both for undergraduate and postgraduate students - on an annual basis.

The BSP hosts one key Conference every year. These are popular, content-rich, excellent networking events with high profile speakers covering a huge range of topics. We also have an educational webinar programme covering a range of topics for members and non-members.

We have Undergraduate Representatives in all UK dental and hygiene/therapy school. In addition, we have a dedicated Early Careers Group, which is an energetic part of the BSP, helping to support young periodontists at the start of their specialist career.

For more information about the BSP please:


Tel: 0844 335 1915



About GSK

GSK Consumer Healthcare’s mission is to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer.

With periodontitis being one of the most chronic inflammatory diseases, affecting nearly 50% of the UK adult population, GSK is proud to partner with the BSP to help drive a better understanding amongst dental professionals and patients.

The partnership between the BSP and GSK includes sponsorship of 4 webinars related to the new guidelines, an interactive lunch & learn module, and a distance learning CPD module using a patient study developed by the BSP.

A key focus of the partnership with GSK is supporting clinicians in driving awareness amongst the general public that bleeding gums are not normal, and to encourage regular dental visits to help prevent and manage gingivitis.

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