Building an International Federation of Dental Assisting and Dental Nursing


The Canadian Dental Assistants Association, the American Dental Assistants Association and the Society of British Dental Nurses are pleased to announce that representatives from their three organizations have been collaborating to establish the first international federation representing dental assistants and dental nurses from around the world.


These three founding partners are looking to formally link national dental assisting/dental nursing professional associations from around the Globe in a not-for-profit professional federation.

The goal of the international group will be to foster leadership and collaboration while acting as the principal advocate and promotor of the dental assisting/dental nursing profession globally. While improving and advancing the profession, the group will also promote global excellence in practice, research, education and will advocate for improved oral health measures/initiatives worldwide.


Over the coming year, our organizations look forward to bringing you updates on new developments on the work that is being done to build a strong foundation on which to build connectivity among dental assistants/dental nurses worldwide.


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