College of General Dentistry

On the 1st July, the newly formed College of General Dentistry went live.


The college will provide an academic home for every member of the dental team. All registrants can join the college as associate members and progress through the levels to become fellows.


Three dental care professionals have now been appointed to the Council as representatives and will have equal standing: Louise Belfield, Bill Sharpling and John Stanfield.


Work has been ongoing to establish career pathways in dentistry. Structured for the whole dental team, they are at the heart of its vision for the future of primary care dentistry.


The College’s career pathways are underpinned by its membership structure and qualifications, fostering career-long professionalism. For the first time, members will be able to take an integrated approach to their development and progression.


Planning is underway to convene Faculties of the College for the various dental team roles, each of which will have a membership structure that reflects that same progression from ‘safe beginner’ to ‘accomplished practitioner’ – from Associate Member to Fellow. Membership of a Faculty will go hand-in-hand with College membership, for no additional membership contribution.



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