GDC publishes 3-year strategy


The General Dental Council (GDC) has published its 2020-2022 strategy,Right time. Right place. Right-touch, setting out its programme of work for the next three years.

The regulator consulted on five strategic aims and its associated expenditure plans earlier this year. The approach set out is captured by strategy’s title; ‘Right time’, to illustrate the GDC’s continued focus on developing its approach to ‘upstream regulation’, ‘Right place’, to describe the continued work to support issues resolution by the correct organisation and to promote local complaint resolution wherever possible, and ‘Right-touch’, to highlight the regulator’s commitment to ensuring its enforcement activity is evidence-based and proportionate.

GDC Chair, William Moyes, said:

The programme of work within this strategy shows how the GDC intends to continue to improve its approach to achieving its statutory responsibilities of protecting the public and maintaining public confidence in dental services. Key to this is ensuring that complaints are dealt with in the right place, which is often in the surgery. Over the last few years the GDC has had increasing success cooperating with stakeholders to achieve its aims and this strategy shows how we plan to further develop our approach over the next three years.”

The GDC’s new approach to strategy development seeks to make the relationship between its regulatory activity and the fees it charges more visible, providing increased transparency.


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The proposals set out in the strategy were developed in line with the principles established in Clear and certain: a new framework for fee-setting. The first principle of that policy establishes the GDC’s aim to avoid cross subsidy where practicable, and reads: ‘Fee levels should be primarily determined by the cost of regulating each registrant group: We will seek to minimise the ways in which registrants fund regulatory activity that is not generated by them by removing, as far as practicable, cross subsidy between different groups. We will do this by allocating costs, as far as possible, where they fall. Where a degree of cross subsidy is necessary, we will explain this through our policy.’ The associated costed plans for the GDCs planned activity will be published in January 2020.

Shifting the balance: a better, fairer system of dental regulation sets out the GDC’s proposals to reform dental regulation. It addresses out how we will work collaboratively with our partners to develop a model of upstream regulation that involves professionals and their regulator working together in the interests of patient safety and public protection. For more information about the Shifting the balance proposals visit

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