Get on Board with the #BoatBash!

If you’ve been to London’s Excel before, then you can’t have missed the superyacht moored right outside the main entrance. If you’ve ever wanted to have more than a cursory glance and see exactly what’s on board, then this October is your chance, as Dental Sky is hosting an exciting event on Friday 5th as part of Dental Showcase - the #BoatBash.

The event is in aid of dental charity BrushUpUK, and will be an evening of fun, entertainment and gambling! The evening will consist of two parts. The downstairs bar will have live music, canapés, a vintage photo booth and charity events throughout the night (such as auctions, raffles etc.). The second part of the evening will be in an exclusive bar at the top of the yacht where there will be a casino including a special vodka luge.

The evening will give everyone a chance to wind down on the Friday night of Dental Showcase and time to socialise in a non-business environment.

There are three types of tickets;

  • Tickets just to the main bar area £45
  • Tickets to the main bar area as well as exclusive use of the casino £55
  • Tickets to the casino only (entry after 10pm) £15

Dress code will be smart casual. Heels are welcome, but if your feet are feeling a little jaded after a day’s walking around an exhibition hall, then comfy flats will be equally welcome.

BrushUp UK is a dental charity targeting the 50% of the population that do not regularly visit a dentist, with a focus on those that are most ‘at risk’ such as the elderly, those in palliative care and SEN schools. BrushUp UK aims to bring dental professionals together to ensure that everyone has the knowledge and skills to access and maintain a good standard of oral health.

The charity works with dental practices across the UK to spread the oral health message to targeted groups by volunteering to go into the community armed with guidance, supervision, evidence-based materials and presentations provided by BrushUpUK, to share their knowledge and skills to those in need.

BrushUpUK was founded by Megan Thomas, a dental hygienist from Swindon, who realised the potential she and other dental professionals had to spare a small amount of time, to provide the community with access to maintaining a good standard of oral hygiene, by following the charities simple values. The volunteers are paid as usual by their practices, which in return become affiliates of the BrushUpUK charity. This enhances the philanthropic profile of the practice, and gives each educator the opportunity to use their expertise to make a difference to a much wider range of people.

If you’d like to support the charity, and have a fun evening in the process then visit for more information.

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