GSK Health Partner showcases how UK dentistry is rising to the challenge

Innovating and transforming in a new practice environment

A new campaign by GSK aims to showcase how dental practices and professionals across the UK have risen to the challenges of effective patient care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the video series, GSK showcases the resilience, passion and adaptability of the dental profession as it responds to new guidelines as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The videos are delivered by practitioners who have made small but imaginative changes to help patients to improve their dental health. Five voices, three videos, one goal: to share learnings and inspire better oral health. These videos can be viewed on: .

The series includes advice from Stuart Garton, a Practice Owner from Liverpool on seizing opportunities to embrace innovation, rethink practice and transform the patient experience. Additional content includes help with behaviour change and how the profession is coming together to evolve dental care including the role of new guidelines as a catalyst for innovation, inspiration and collaboration.

Andrei Gutierrez, Senior Expert Marketing Manager at GSK comments; “We hope that this series of videos can help to raise the profile of the continued dedication and commitment of the dental team during this challenging time and provide inspiration to other dental care professionals about how guidelines have become a catalyst for innovation, inspiration and collaboration. As COVID-19 restrictions continue across the world, the message of prevention of oral disease is more important than ever”.




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