Integrate breath biopsy into your clinical practice

This short 10 minute webinar gives an overview of the science behind breath biomarkers and explains how you can incorporate breath biomarkers into your own clinical practice.

Follow the link: Watch the Breath Biopsy Webinar now

Download the free ebook: Breath Biopsy - The Complete Guide (pdf).


Breath Biopsy Resources

Research teams around the world have already discovered the unique potential of the Owlstone Medical's technology to rapidly monitor a broad range of VOCs in breath and identify disease biomarkers. Published studies cover the spectrum from cancer (bowel/colorectal) to inflammatory diseases (such as IBD and Coeliac disease) to infectious diseases (C. difficile). However, a huge range of diseases with the potential to be diagnosed using VOC signatures remains unexplored. Using our Breath Biopsy Services and Products, your research group can be at the forefront of this emerging field.

Read more about the applications for Breath Biopsy in our Research Case Studies.

Watch the on-demand Breath Biopsy Webinar.

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