Is smoking cessation advice being recorded within dental notes?

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A clinical audit by Mohammed Zafrul Islam.  






Title Clinical audit: Is smoking cessation advice being recorded within dental notes?

Background Clinical audits are an integral part of clinical governance. The purpose of this audit is to explore if smoking cessation advice is being provided to patients. This is of high relevance to dental professionals as smoking has significant implications within the oral cavity affecting quality of life. In 2018, 14.4% of adults were classified as smokers in the UK.1

Aim To establish if smoking cessation advice is recorded in patient notes during a single course of treatment, provided by undergraduate BDS and dental hygiene and dental therapy (DHT) students, within the last six months.

Methods A sample size of 200 patient notes were selected at random, with the data collected over a four-week period. Patient notes were made available at the end of each undergraduate clinic day at the Royal London Dental Institute.

Conclusion The results fall below the benchmark set by NICE guidelines2 and the General Dental Council (GDC).3 Overall, actions to improve these results include raising awareness around smoking cessation, further training and a re-audit.


NHS organisations are accountable for improving the quality of their services through a defined framework known as clinical governance.4 This framework involves the use of clinical audits. Additionally, the NHS Confederation, who commission and provide NHS services, request that all providers publish quality accounts annually. By objectively identifying if certain elements of care are being followed, in this case smoking cessation advice will highlight if further provision is required in delivering better care and outcomes for patients.

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