Mind Your Back – tackling back pain five S.T.E.P.S. at a time

Back pain affects almost everyone at some time in their life, yet countless people are still being given the wrong treatment.

And the company behind iconic brands such as Deep Heat and Deep Freeze, is taking action to help back pain sufferers manage their pain and help prevent future problems.

Mind Your Back is a national campaign which gives back pain sufferers a one-stop shop for clear, key advice to help them manage their back pain in five simple S.T.E.P.S.” says Jillian Watt, director of marketing and new product development, who is also a qualified Pilates teacher.

Most cases of low back pain can be treated at home and the first advice people should be given is to stay active but there is still a big gap between evidence and what happens in practice.

Mind Your Back is a simple strategy and its five S.T.E.P.S. aim to help people manage back pain and avoid future problems without special equipment or expensive exercise gear.”

The S.T.E.P.S. are:

Stretch – five easy to follow stretches to help ease tight back muscles and keep you mobile.
Therapy – when life gets in the way and you can’t fit in all the S.T.E.P.S. use hot or cold therapy to ease those stiff, tense, tired out muscles
Exercise – go for a walk, a swim or a cycle ride, just start slowly and build up gradually
Posture – could you draw a straight line between your ear, shoulder and hip when sitting down or ear, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle when standing? No? Then it’s time to pay attention to posture

  • Strengthen – five more exercises, this time to strengthen your core muscles and prevent back pain. A strong core means a stronger back.

    The stretches can be done anywhere – at home, in the office, even in the park at lunchtime, wherever it suits you. Just listen to your body and take it slowly at the start, never over-extending or pushing yourself too hard and stop at once if you feel any pain. Back care’s a step-by-step marathon, not a sprint!” says Jillian Watt, who is also a qualified Pilates instructor. “Keep an ear open for the Mind Your Back adverts on Smooth Radio.”

    Follow the link: Mind Your Back for more information and videos featuring physiotherapist and yoga instructor Celest Pereira showing the five S.T.E.P.S. Before starting, check that there is no medical reason why the exercises may not be suitable for you. They are not suitable for people who have a serious back injury or an underlying health condition.

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