NUS responds to announcement of funding boost for student mental health


Today, the Department of Health and Social Care and Department for Education have announced a funding boost of ‘£1million for innovative student mental health projects.’

In response, NUS Vice-President (Welfare) Eva Crossan Jory has said:"Investment into innovative approaches to tackling the mental health challenges ahead are necessary and overdue. However, the finance now released for university-led interventions is available only during a period of significant, sustained and chaotic change for the sector, thanks to marketisation.

NUS has repeatedly highlighted structural barriers in both Further and Higher Education that lead to poor mental health. From the spiralling costs of accommodation to the need for a better system of student funding, the student mental health crisis won't be stopped until the problems are tackled at the root.

There is also intense pressure put on staff, from precarious contracts to over work, and we cannot demand better mental health support for students without also fighting for better mental health care for staff in our universities and colleges. We need real investment made into both support services in education, but also the NHS that has been criminally underfunded over many years.

While this funding pot is welcome, no innovation can overcome the material challenges to undertaking study created by government policy in the last decade."

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