Practices given the go ahead to open their doors

Practices given the go ahead to open their doors


With the directive given for practices in England to be allowed to open their doors from 8th June, attention has turned to gearing up to do just that in a manner that is safe for dental teams and their clients.

Astor-Bannerman, with over 26 years of experience providing equipment to support the health industry and disabled people, have over the past two months turned their innovative skills to offer products that support a safe return to work for the health industry and beyond.

They have launched a premium protective face shield designed specifically to protect against COVID-19: CE approved and tested. The screen is 0.8mm – up to 4 times thicker than one-use face shields, and is reusable for up to a year. The PETG material used for the screen is of premium quality giving excellent clarity of vision. The integrated air slot prevents the screen from fogging – making it an ideal choice for clinicians, with ample room for glasses or optics.

The screen is easily removed to clean or replace, making it simple to switch screens between patients. This face shield has been designed to give prolonged comfort throughout the day, weighing only 75g. The headpiece has a neat structure that sits on top and around the head, distributing the weight and holding the visor comfortably and securely in place regardless of head size. It has been CE Tested by the Rise research institute in Sweden.

Astor-Bannerman has also launched a range of Hygienic Handles. Experts say that the Coronavirus can survive on door handles for up to nine days ¹ so Hygienic Handles offer a variety of solutions for different door types to enable a user to open the door without actually holding the handle with their hand. This prevents a transfer of bacteria to hands and beyond. The range includes a Foot Handle, and a variety of Arm Handles.

Reports suggest that a vaccination for Covid-19 is a way off, and indeed, may never eradicate the virus totally. It is more likely that the way people exist has to adapt to give a greater chance of avoiding the virus. As the world attempts to return to “normal” life, steps are needed to build what the new “normal” will look like, and products like those offered by Astor-Bannerman will help to shape this.


For more details of the Astor-Bannerman Face Shield with Visor (UK Stock Available), or the Hygienic Handles range, call 01242 820 820 or email



1. Kampf G., Todt D., Pfaender S., Steinmann E. Persistence of coronaviruses on inanimate surfaces and their inactivation with biocidal agents. Journal of Hospital Infection 2020; 104 (3): 246–251.

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