Revised synopsis to calculate measured fallow time reduction

FGDP(UK) & College of General Dentistry Launch Updated Synopsis for Safe Return to Practice, supported by Sensodyne

GSK has partnered with the Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK) and the College of General Dentistry to facilitate the dissemination of their updated guidance ‘COVID-19: guidelines for safe care in general dental practice’, which now incorporates the Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme’s review of the mitigation of AGPs and a link to a bespoke, practical calculation tool for general practice.

A synopsis of this revised guidance is now available as a quick reference guide, supported by Sensodyne. Follow the link:

Ian Mills, Dean of FGDP(UK) comments: “Since the return to practice, dental teams have faced the challenge of a patient backlog combined with the uncertainty with regards to factors including the required fallow time between appointments. This updated guidance is a significant moment for the recovery of dental practices in the UK. Its practical stratification of risk and determination of fallow time using a multifactorial approach with a ‘benchmark’ of 15-30 minutes will support the viability of practices, while continuing to keep our patients and members of the dental team safe”.

Jason Wong, Deputy Chief Dental Officer for England comments: “With the growing need for patients to return to practice it is important that we do not lose sight of the considered approach to safe treatment. This revised guidance allows a practical, measured recommendation that importantly can be documented in patient notes”.



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