SDCEP Publishes AGP Rapid Report

The Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme (SDCEP) has published a rapid review[i] of evidence it found relating to the generation and mitigation of aerosols in the dental practice – “Mitigation of Aerosol Generating Procedures in Dentistry – A Rapid Review”.

The SDCEP created a Working Group of subject specialists from various disciplines, including particle physics and aerobiology, as well as dental professionals with experience of performing multiple roles. They followed a meticulous, 13-week online process to assess and interpret the evidence available and offer a summary of key findings.

Julie Deverick, President of the British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy (BSDHT), was part of the Working Group and says:

“I was impressed with the robust nature of the process and the dedication of the SDCEP teams, who have worked tirelessly to produce this document. Members are reminded that this is not to be used as a guidance document, as it will be utilised by the four nation’s authorities to inform their own policies. Taking an evidence-based approach is crucial to ensure quality of patient care, as well as the safety of both clinicians and patients in the dental environment.”

The report is available from the SDCEP website (

(25th September 2020) 

[i] Clarkson J, Ramsay C, Richards D, Robertson C, & Aceves-Martins M, on behalf of the CoDER Working Group. Aerosol Generating Procedures and their Mitigation in International Dental Guidance Documents - A Rapid Review [Accessed September 2020]

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