Strong teeth make strong kids

Oral-B is working with the dental profession to help them support parents and carers in their efforts to achieve better oral health amongst children. Education and behavioural change go hand in hand. Earlier this year the company launched its #StrongTeethMakeStrongKids campaign. Up to 20,000 educational packs are planned for distribution this year. These packs were developed in conjunction with the University of Leeds. Combined with the right dental care products, the positive oral health messages contained in the material, are intended to encourage parents to lead the way, so they can see that these oral health issues are mostly preventable with simple changes to their families’ daily oral care routine.


Maintaining good oral health and establishing the right healthy habits early on will help children progress along the key ‘Strong Teeth’ milestones. They include the arrival of their first tooth or teeth, their first dental visit, and then the first time they use an electric power toothbrush (from age 3 onwards). Having good oral health habits results in a healthy smile, which can drive confidence, usually a key contributor to a better future for children.

The materials include a dental professional flow chart (with guidance), oral healthcare leaflets and videos, a waiting room tent card and a motivational laminate.

To order your pack or find out more about the resources available to you, visit or speak with your local representative.

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