Trip to Philips US HQ

BSDHT member, Anna Middleton, had an epiphany to turn her work as a Dental Hygienist into a brand. She subsequently set herself up as ‘The London Hygienist Ltd.’ and has become a multi-award winning and influential dental professional with a thriving business. She also works as a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) for leading dental companies and has a flourishing social media presence.

As one of Philips KOLs, Anna was invited to visit its world HQ in Seattle Washington. Over two days she, along with fellow hygienist Laura McClune, were given an insight into the development of the first Sonicare toothbrush 25 years ago, as a precursor to learning about the latest Sonicare 7500 ExpertClean which is about to be launched in the UK.

This new brush, with its connected technology, is designed to guide patients to better oral care habits. Sensors track and measure patients’ brushing behaviours while pressure sensors in the brush handle provide instant feedback and guide the patient to adjust their brushing style. Over time, the Sonicare app retains and analyses these habits and generates a progress report for both them and their dental professional, to help develop and maintain better brushing technique.

Patients would have to brush for a whole month to achieve what Philips Sonicare can do in just two minutes.

Anna commented “I was fortunate to preview and be gifted the new brush to trial and it will be available for others to experience when it launches in the UK in September as a John Lewis exclusive.”

She added: “On the first day we learnt about the in-depth work that goes into the design process and evolution of Philips products and had a tour of their quality testing labs. It soon became apparent why Philips is at the forefront of technological innovation and development and reassured me that their products are the best to recommend to my patients both from an efficacy and quality perspective. On day two we returned to learn more about Philips’ goal to improve the lives of three billion people by 2025 as part of their healthcare continuum. After which we were given an exclusive tour of one of their factories and a demo of their portable ultrasound unit which can be plugged into a phone or tablet. “

“One of the highlights of the trip for me was an exclusive look at the future of digital dentistry. We saw a demonstration of the new company’s new teledentistry app which will link the patient directly with a dental professional at any time. I am so excited that I will be able to share more about this with you in due course…. So stay tuned. You can also visit my Instagram @London hygienist to see the highlights reel of my trip”.

More information about Sonicare ExpertClean will be announced in the UK in September. For more information about Sonicare Expert Clean visit














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