Working from home


 Are you sitting comfortably?

The results of a recent study which evaluated the ergonomics of the chairs used while working from home, are concerning.

Did you know that 41% of the chairs surveyed were too low while 2% were too high? Did you also know this can cause poor posture and can result in other musculoskeletal disorders?

Some questions investigated:

  • How many employees working from home prioritised buying a desk?
  • What percentage of people surveyed used their laptops working from home?
  • What percentage of home office workers own some type of office chair?



The health risks of these issues are addressed and tips offered to resolve the worst home office setups in: 15+ statistics that you need to know about home office ergonomics.


Follow the link to read the article:



Image by Rajesh Balouria from Pixabay



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