​Children's Food Campaign Battles won and those to come - July 2017

July is shaping up to be quite a month. Make it even better by voting for Chris Bryant MP to take up our Food (Advertising and Labelling) Bill. But first ....
1st July - new rules restricting junk food marketing to children came into force.

4th July - Government confirms free school meals for all 4-7 year olds will continue.

Those are the fruits of our big campaign win with the Committee of Advertising Practice from last year; and another major campaign success of recent years saved from being reversed.

6th July- Chris Bryant MP launches public survey to ask whether he should introduce a Bill into Parliament stopping junk food ads from being shown on TV before 9pm.

This is a fabulous opportunity to make progress on tackling one of the most glaring loopholes in the current rules, which allows children to be exposed to many junk food ads whilst watching their favourite prime-time TV shows. Chris Bryant has come top of the ballot for MPs hoping to try to introduce a new law on a subject of their choice. The MP has produced a shortlist of potential Bills, and – together with Jamie Oliver and Cancer Research UK – we have successfully made the case for junk food marketing to be one of them. Now the MP has opened it up to the public to help him decide.


1) Junk food ads on TV

For Chris Bryant MP to choose to pursue a pre-9pm junk food TV ad ban, we need to get as many votes as possible for it in his poll. And even better if some of the votes come from people in his constituency in Rhondda too; though you are allowed to vote wherever in the UK you live.


Vote for the Food (Advertising and Labelling) Bill in Chris Bryant MP’s survey, and tell others to do so. Deadline 7pm, 11 July. Vote now.

2) Operation Eagle Eye

The long-awaited new rules should hopefully stop some of the more blatant forms of advertising junk food directly to children. The rules apply to ads online, in print, in cinemas, and on billboards where children make-up over 25% of the likely audience. But we have concerns about exactly how the rules will work in practice, especially online and in social media. Disappointingly, packaging, in-store promotion and sponsorship deals still remain outside of the rules too.
We have launched Operation Eagle Eye to keep a close eye on ads; and swoop down and take action where brands are flouting the letter or spirit of the rules. We want to put pressure on the Advertising Standards Authority to strictly enforce the new rules, clarify the grey areas and close down loopholes.


All you need to know on the new junk food marketing rules - read our guide.


Send us any examples of junk food advertising appealing to children which you or children see. Email malcolm@sustainweb.org or tweet with #operationeagleeye

3) Parents’ Jury

We are about to start recruiting for a Parents’ Jury: our new initiative aimed at giving parents a greater voice in influencing and improving the food environment their children grow up in. We’re asking people to register their interest and we'll then email with full joining details shortly.


Help spread the word - promote www.sustainweb.org/parentsjury via social media and tell your friends or colleagues about it.

a) London Food Link’s crowdfunder enters its final week. Support the voice for good food in London and help them meet their goals ... and get your hands on some fantastic foodie rewards at the same time.
b) Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, with the British Nutrition Foundation and Food Teacher’s Centre, are carrying out a comprehensive review of the current delivery of food education in schools in England. They would like to invite food teachers to take part in the survey that is part of the overall research. This survey will take about 10-15 minutes and should be completed by 22nd July 2017. There are separate surveys for primary and secondary teachers.



Malcolm Clark
Co-ordinator, Children's Food Campaign
Email: malcolm@sustainweb.org
Twitter: @childrensfood
Web: www.childrensfood.org.uk

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