Families to help reach other families with dental health message

Families to help reach other families with dental health message

An animated dental health video is to be made by dentistry and public health experts with families in the city of Portsmouth.

The video, targeted at families with young children in need of accurate oral health care messages, will be shown locally.

University of Portsmouth public health dentist and researcher Dr Kristina Wanyonyi and Public Health consultant for Portsmouth City Council Claire Currie were awarded funding for the project after a dragons’ den style funding bid.

They were one of three finalists presenting their bid to public health experts in London.

They plan to work with local families to make an animated video to promote oral health.

The aim is for the video to be screened first in Portsmouth family hubs and if it is considered valuable, it will be shown on the city’s big screen and other public places this summer.

Dr Wanyonyi said: “The video is a great opportunity to get the right oral health message to families and, more importantly, will be co-designed with the target audience, which will help ensure it is engaging."

Professor Chris Louca, Director and Head of the University’s Dental Academy supports the bid.

He said: “I’m very pleased Kristina and Claire won this bid against stiff competition from across the region.

“It is a significant successful collaboration with Portsmouth City Council.”

PICTURED Left-right:

  • Dr Jeyanthi John, consultant in Dental Public Health, Wessex;
  • bid winner Ms Claire Currie, consultant in Public Health, Portsmouth City Council;
  • Professor Bernie Hannigan, deputy director of research for Public Health England;
  • and bid winner Dr Kristina Wanyonyi, research lead at the University of Portsmouth Dental Academy.

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