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The Children's Food Campaign is excited to announce that the Parents’ Jury is now live

Thanks to a donation from the Food Commission to build on its legacy in this area, they have been able to get this initiative up-and-running. The first phase is recruiting Jury members … and that’s where they would especially value your help.

They want to recruit a broad mix of parents, from different backgrounds and areas, and with a range of views and experiences. The wider we can spread our net the better. So, please can you promote the Parents’ Jury to your networks, on social media, and in any upcoming e-newsletters you are doing. Also, if you know someone personally who might like to be on the Parents’ Jury, please do encourage them to apply. This is a new initiative so we welcome any feedback or suggestions you have too.

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Join the Parents’ Jury

Are you a parent of a 2-17 year old? This is your chance to be heard on the food and nutrition issues which matter to you and your children. The Parents’ Jury is a new initiative from Children’s Food Campaign, aimed at giving parents a stronger voice on the food available and promoted in their children’s schools, in shops, on the high street, and beyond. And it is kicking off by asking questions about sports sponsorship, including Cadbury’s partnership with the Premier League, ahead of the new football season.


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Suggested Tweets:

  • Are u parent of a 2-17 yr old? Want to make ur voice heard on food & health? Join @Childrensfood's new #ParentsJury
  • Parents: have your say on Cadbury's sponsorship of @premierleague > join @Childrensfood's new #ParentsJury now
  • Join the #ParentsJury - new high profile opp 2 have ur say on the food & nutrition issues which matter to ur family

Background Info:

What is the Parents’ Jury?

  • An online or virtual jury for parents to collectively make their voice heard on the food and nutrition issues which matter to them and their children.
  • Children's Food Campaign will share the findings of Parents' Jury surveys and other activities with relevant Government departments, politicians, advertising regulators and industry bodies, as well as to the media.
  • Parents' voices will contribute to our push for healthier, more sustainable food and the policies to support it.

How do I apply to become a Jury member?

What can I expect as a Parents’ Jury member?

  • If successfully selected for the Jury, you will receive regular surveys, as well as ad hoc opportunities to comment on topical news stories, adverts and policy announcements.
  • Don’t worry – you don’t have to commit to filling in every survey, but we hope that you’ll feel as passionately as we do about making your voice heard.
  • You will be encouraged to share examples of best – and worst – products and marketing practices you have come across; as well as rate business and government attempts to make healthy choices easier.
  • There’s no payment involved. But Parents’ Jury members may be invited to special events hosted by Children’s Food Campaign, as well as be eligible for future discounts on joining other Sustain projects (e.g. London Food Link or Real Bread Campaign).


PS In other news: Government reduces its promised funding for health and well-being initiatives in schools – our response to news from the Treasury last month about changes to how money originally allocated from the Soft Drinks Industry Levy revenue will be spent


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