Amber Ojak

BSDHT Ambassador

Amber is originally from East Yorkshire and came up to Edinburgh in 2014 to study at The University of Edinburgh and is now a qualified Dental Hygiene and Therapist based in Edinburgh. Amber works between two practices where she treats many different patients using different methods such as guided biofilm therapy. Amber was the student representative for the British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy throughout her time at university and promoted the BSDHT to students all over the UK. She has published many articles in the BSDHT magazine ‘Dental Health’ and continues to write for us as it is a big passion of hers. Being part of the BSDHT has been a big part of Amber's career so far and continues to work closely with them. Amber has a keen interest in the treatment of periodontal disease as well as the role of aesthetics in dentistry such as teeth whitening and composite restorations. She is a big believer in trying to provide pain free dentistry and give back peoples confidence in their smile. In her spare time Amber loves to travel the world, write for the magazine Dental Health and has a love for gin.


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