Fay Higgin

Sales and Advertising

Unlike her colleagues, Fay is not a hygienist/therapist, but has a background in business. Fay has worked in the dental industry since 2008, managing an oral hygiene products mail order company, attending trade shows (both consumer and trade ones) and from 2012 worked for an oral products supplier/manufacturer organising their advertising and product PR placement. As well as managing a substantial budget, negotiating advertising packages and placing adverts, she wrote PR pieces on products to be placed in dental journals. Fay also formulated a plan to manage the advertising for the year, balancing the need to focus on certain key products and where these products best fit in dental journals according to their features. This required negotiating with the journals to get the best deal and control costs to keep within budget and track spending as well as meeting deadlines in good time.

The business experience has proved useful in organising priorities and seeking to identify and work to maximise the ambitions of the Exec of BSDHT for the benefit of the members. Fay represents the commercial side, in respect of advertising, e-shots, website, membership surveys, product trials and partnerships, bringing in vital revenue which helps support the activities of the Society.

Fay has a BSc Hons in Psychology.


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