Hazel Rushworth

BSDHT Ambassador

Hi, I’m Hazel, a 25-year-old student from Barnsley in South Yorkshire. Dentistry has been a passion of mine ever since I entered the career as a young 17 year old apprentice nurse. I decided to pursue a career in the dental field on a whim after watching the popular TV show ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ and being interested as to how these miracles were performed. Instantly I fell in love with all things teeth. My decision to progress to Hygiene and Therapy came very early on in my career and I spent most of my six years nursing completing qualifications in my spare time that would allow me to get to university. Last year I finally made it and I am now loving my time training at The University of Leeds. My passion for the career has pushed me to step out of my comfort zone, taking on roles within the Dental Society, with a programme called Open Wide and becoming a student ambassador; promoting the career to the future of dentistry. My most recent step is my biggest achievement to date and I am so proud that I get the opportunity to work alongside the BSDHT. In my spare time I love visiting zoo’s and wildlife parks with my boyfriend, visiting exotic countries and photographing everything. I am often described as old before my time as I love nothing more than a night at the bingo and to whip my knitting needles out.


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