Covid-19 - Educational Opportunities and Support for all Dental Teams

Communication from Health Education England Thames Valley and Wessex Dental School (April 2020) 

In these exceptional circumstances, and within a constantly evolving situation, we thought it might be helpful to highlight some of the online opportunities currently available free of charge for dental teams. We hope that you and your teams stay safe and well.

Mental Health and Wellbeing 

Stress levels are understandably high at this challenging time. We hope that the four online courses we have commissioned from Embrace Resilience will help. The courses are all provided free of charge and are available for all dental team members including those who are not on the dental register. The courses are:

  • Change and Resilience – this course covers behaviour change and how to build personal resilience
  • Mental Health: Body and Mind – this course explains the links between physical and mental health and enables learners to establish routines beneficial for the mind and body 
  • Managing Stress and Anxiety – this course will assist learners to manage everyday causes of anxiety and resultant stress 
  • Work-Life Balance – this course explores the balance between work commitments and other interests to support learners to achieve a work-life balance which improves their health. 

To enable an inclusive approach for all practice team members to avail of this support, it is not necessary to input a GDC number as part of the registration process. All participants can download a certificate which demonstrates two hours CPD for each course. For those with a GDC number, this certificate complies with the GDC Enhanced CPD requirements. We hope that this initiative will be welcomed by practices and individuals to address and demonstrate their engagement in supporting the important issue of the mental health and wellbeing of all the team. Access to this training is available via the Midlands and East Dental School website

e-Learning for Healthcare

e-Learning for Healthcare is a HEE programme which works in partnership with NHS and professional bodies to support patient care by providing e-learning.  In the past, it has not been possible to download GDC e-CPD compliant certificates for all courses which are helpful to dental teams. We have worked with e-Learning for Healthcare to generate Enhanced GDC CPD compliant certificates.  See following link for more information on courses available:

Click Here for more information on these courses