ADI President lets his hair down at Congress Dinner raising over £20,000 for charity

The President of the ADI, Amit Patel, teamed up with Wells on Wheels to raise money for this fantastic charity.

At the recent ADI Team Congress, Amit asked for donations in return for cutting his 27+ inches of hair off after several years of growing it out. Donators took to the stage at the Congress Dinner for the big chop which so far has raised over £20,000.

Wells on Wheels is a charity dedicated to making water more accessible to remote communities in India. It raises money to supply water cooler bottles that can be rolled along the ground instead of carried on the head, reducing risk of injury and enabling more young girls to stay in education for longer.

For anyone who wasn’t able to donate on the night and would like to show their support, all donations are very gratefully received on GoFundMe.

For more details about Wells on Wheels, please visit



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