BSDHT Indemnity

BSDHT Indemnity, looking after our members and working for a better profession

In 2016, we launched BSDHT Indemnity - an insurance policy developed especially for Dental Hygienists and Dental Therapists.

For many years you, our members, have raised with us the issue of the cost of your indemnity. Traditionally the prices of your policies have been driven higher than they should be as you are on the same policy as a Dentist. Dentists, typically, have a higher exposure of risk in their profession and therefore this increases the chances of a higher premium, which in turn drives the prices of policies for Dental Hygienists and Dental Therapists.

We face a much lower exposure to risk in our profession and as such are a lower risk group when it comes to indemnity and this is what you, our members, wanted reflected in your policy costs. You have repeatedly told us it is unfair that you are forced to incur the higher premiums of typical insurance policies, so we did something about it.
BSDHT is an organisation that listens and works very closely with our members to make sure we are doing the best for their professional future, that is why we thought it was important to take this step to give you the best possible deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst you can get a no obligation quote for indemnity from BGP, if you wish to take out the policy, you do need to be a member of BSDHT.

You will be asked to provide a membership number at the time you take out the policy. If you should cease to be a member your policy will become void. However – you will receive reminders from the BSDHT membership team in good time for membership renewal.

Student memberships of the BSDHT do not qualify you for taking out an indemnity policy as you will be covered by your educational establishment while studying. On graduation, you should take out a full membership.

No – these are paid for separately. This is to give you the freedom as to whether to take out the Indemnity with BSDHT/BGP or anyone else.

Bennett Gould and Partners Ltd (“BGP”) is a specialist Lloyd’s of London insurance broker, part of the Trans Continental Insurance Services Group. A recognized leader in the field of medical insurance, BGP has developed a wide range of products for the medical and care industries. BGP is working closely with BSDHT to distribute and enhance bespoke products designed specifically for Dental Hygienists and Therapists.

As a bespoke policy just for you, please allow at least 3 working days before the expiration of your current policy. A formal policy has to be prepared for you in writing in accordance with Financial Services regulations, by which BGP are governed.

It covers the areas within the Dental Hygienist and Dental Therapist scope of practice.

When your risk is combined with other dental professionals, the risk is increased – particularly if they belong to a higher risk occupation, hence the premiums charged by other companies may well be considerably higher. The lower risk of Dental Hygienists and Dental Therapists are offsetting others. Dentists, typically, have a higher exposure of risk in their profession and therefore this increases the chances of a higher premium, which in turn drives the prices of policies for Dental Hygienists and Dental Therapists.

The BSDHT Indemnity is only open to members to purchase. Historically Dental Hygienists and Dental Therapists are a low risk cohort in insurance terms, therefore the premiums are lower.

Yes there is, staffed by a team of medical malpractice solicitors who have 20 years experience in this sector.

The BSDHT Executive Team formulated this policy to put the members in a better position, not only financially but in the terms of the policy detail.

‘Claims Occurring’ means that you will be covered at any time in the future when the claim surfaces. ‘Claims Made’ means that you are covered at the time the claim is made and you will need to renew your policy on this basis or purchase run off cover when you cease to practice/don’t have the policy in place. Although the BSDHT Indemnity scheme already provides a 1 year automatic run-off cover for a number of events such as maternity or paternity leave, in addition to retirement, disability or death.

Much is made by the Mutuals that you will be covered forever. However, even when taking into account the modest cost of run-off cover, those taking out BSDHT indemnity are likely to be saving significant amounts of money by comparison to the Mutuals. NB: Financial regulations do not permit us to give a specific example here, as individual circumstances vary.

There is a lot of incorrect and inaccurate information on forums by people who do not work in the indemnity insurance field – if you have any questions please do give BGP a ring on 03330 146 156 choosing option 4. 

The policy period shall be automatically extended for 12 months in the event of any of the following happening from the date of its occurrence:

  • The death of the Named Insured;
  • The permanent retirement of the Named Insured; or
  • The permanent incapacity of the Named Insured; or
  • The maternity or paternity leave of the Named Insured provided the Named Insured does not renew this policy.

However, you can purchase run-off cover at a very economic cost for a one-off payment if you wish to extend this period. 

Yes you are covered for the treatment of Direct Access patients.

Not automatically, no. However, a bolt-on addition to your policy is available at a very competitive price – please speak to BGP about your options. Beazley, the Underwriters, are very experienced in this sector of the insurance market.

Need Further Information?

To get a quote, please downland and complete this Statement of Fact and email it directly to

Contact: BGP at on 03330 146 156 choosing option 4.