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For many years you, our members, have raised with us the issue of the cost of your indemnity. Traditionally the prices of your policies have been driven higher than they should be as you are on the same policy as a Dentist. Dentists, typically, have a higher exposure of risk in their profession and therefore this increases the chances of a higher premium, which in turn drives the prices of policies for Dental Hygienists and Dental Therapists.

We face a much lower exposure to risk in our profession and as such are a lower risk group when it comes to indemnity and this is what you, our members, wanted reflected in your policy costs. You have repeatedly told us it is unfair that you are forced to incur the higher premiums of typical insurance policies, so we did something about it.
BSDHT is an organisation that listens and works very closely with our members to make sure we are doing the best for their professional future, that is why we thought it was important to take this step to give you the best possible deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

A retro date (retroactive date) is the date from which we need to cover your activities from. This is typically where your previous Indemnity has
been provided to you on a Claims Made basis as those types of policies do not offer retrospective cover in terms of the activities undertaken when that policy was in force. For example, if you have been insured on a Claims Made policy since 1st August 2018, then the Retroactive Date on your policy going forward needs to be 01/08/2018. This ensures that cover is provided for claims that arise from your activities undertaken after this date i.e. we are ensuring you  have continuous cover.

If you are switching to All Med Pro from a Claims Occurrence policy, such as the ones offered by the defence organisations, then you do not need to have a backdated retroactive date as their policy will continue to indemnify you for your historic activities.

It is a requirement of the GDC that you have adequate  indemnity in place. This means that should a patient need to make a claim for compensation they are able to do so – any gaps in your cover would prevent a patient being able to claim compensation and as such, would place you in breach of the GDC requirement around adequate indemnity. If an incorrect retroactive date is provided then you could be left with a period of no insurance, for example, if your previous indemnity was provided to you on a Claims Made basis with a start date of 1st August 2018, but you didn’t advise All Med Pro of the need to have a retroactive date and you set your policy up with us on 1stAugust 2022 then you will have a gap in cover of 4 years.

For members of BSDHT there is no charge for us providing you with a Retroactive Date.

Yes, your policy does cover you for Direct Access.

Your indemnity doesn’t include cover for facial aesthetics but we can provide you with cover aesthetics  work. It’s really easy to add it.
You simply need send an  email to or call us on 0203 7576950.

We won’t need any further information from you just confirmation that you need this cover. Our typical  premium is £500 plus IPT.

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