Chief Dental Officer’s Clinical Fellows Scheme

The Chief Dental Officer’s Clinical Fellow Scheme was established in 2017 by Sara Hurley, Chief Dental Officer and is managed by the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management. It provides dentists who have had limited dental leadership opportunities and have not held a senior leadership role in dentistry, with a unique opportunity to spend 12 months in a national healthcare-affiliated organisation outside of dentistry practice. The aim of the year is to develop skills in leadership, management, strategy, project management, and health policy.

Successful applicants will gain the unique opportunity to spend one year working in a leading, national healthcare-affiliated organisation with the most senior leaders in healthcare. Clinical fellows have the opportunity to further their leadership skills and experience in a diverse range of organisations, including Health Education England, NHS England and NHS Improvement, and the General Dental Council. Clinical fellows lead and collaborate in meaningful projects at a national level. The fellowship is fully immersive and is an intensive experience designed to gain unique insight, skills and experience outside of the clinical setting.


“We can rise to emerging challenges of the 21st century by fostering talent and prepare a cadre of capable and motivated dental leaders who can confidently take their seat alongside their healthcare peers in the key national and regional forums.”

Sara Hurley, Chief Dental Officer England

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