Dental hygiene and therapy advisory panel offers consensus on mouthwash use

On 10 December 2021, a group of dental hygienists and therapists were brought together by Johnson & Johnson Ltd. for the very first Hygienist Advisory Panel meeting, in order to build on the outcomes of our National Advisory Panel meeting conducted in October 2021.

Held on the Southbank in London, the objective was to discuss how Johnson & Johnson Ltd. might best be able to support dental care professionals (DCPs) in their unstinting efforts to improve the oral health of their patients, as well as strengthening the company’s commitment to a supportive partnership.

Having sought the panel’s views in relation to plaque management between visits, specifically exploring the benefits and any limitations of mechanical cleaning, as well as possible adjunctive support in the form of a chemotherapeutic mouthwash, the group then agreed on the following consensus:

‘Healthy gums don’t bleed when brushed. Twice daily brushing along the gum line and cleaning in between the teeth is essential to support a healthy mouth. Fluoride mouthwashes clinically proven to reduce germs (plaque) offer additional benefit.’

Below the age of 7

Spit dont rinse.

Over the age of 7

‘For better gum health, after brushing spit and then rinse with a fluoride mouthwash that is clinically proven to reduce germs (plaque).’

The dental hygienists and therapists who took part are as follow:

  • Hawa Azhar, multi award-winning dental hygienist and therapist based in Essex
  • Laura Bailey, dental hygienist and therapist, practising in Richmond
  • Claire Berry, multi-award-winning hygienist based in Leeds
  • Faye Donald, chair of the BSDHT North East Regional Group and a multi-award-winning hygienist
  • Alison Edisbury, dental hygienist and therapist in private dental practice and Chair of BSDHT North West Regional Group
  • Sarah Macdonald, award-winning orthodontic therapist in London
  • Charlotte Manahan, dental hygienist and therapist currently practising in London
  • Anna Middleton, award-winning dental hygienist in Chelsea and Knightsbridge and founder of London Hygienist
  • Amber Ojak, award-winning dental therapist based in Edinburgh
  • Anna Peterson, London-based dental hygienist and therapist
  • Maya Samuel, dental hygienist and therapist practising in London
  • Benjamin Tighe, Tutor Dental Therapist at The Eastman and a dental therapist in private practice.

In addition, presentations were made by:

  • Professor Iain Chapple (chairperson) – the global economic impact of periodontal disease and GRADE evidence
  • Professor Anthony Roberts (in absentia) – a new perspective on periodontal health and disease
  • Professor Chris Deery – the current situation in relation to caries.

After each presentation, the group discussed the issues raised as well as reviewing the evidence, ultimately concluding that there is a need for simple recommendations to be made available in relation to plaque management, resulting in the above patient-friendly consensus.

Johnson & Johnson Ltd. looks forward to continuing to work in partnership with dental professionals following the insights gained from this Hygienist Advisory Panel.

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