Exciting Developments in Training and Education in the Midlands

NHS England Workforce, Training and Education (formerly HEE) in the Midlands are pleased to announce the launch this Autumn of a new virtual learning environment for the whole dental team. It will be a place to view the online and face to face training available for dental hygienists and dental therapists across the region and online, like the upcoming newly commissioned course “Leadership for Dental Therapists” on 27/11/23 (Accent Course Manager (hicom.co.uk)) for more information.


To register on the site please use the QR code, or see https://forms.office.com/r/Ax3taLpNTa


Registering on the site will also mean you will be able to keep up to date with information relating to the successful Midlands Leadership Fellow Scheme. Funding has been secured for an employed part time position in 2024 for a dental hygienist or dental therapist to work with NHS England on projects relating to Dental Workforce Development and to develop their own leadership skills.

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