Oral Hygiene by Design Award

In our profession we use lots of props and resources when educating, motivating and encouraging patients to adopt a good oral hygiene routine. We also know that it can be frustrating when, despite encouragement, patients aren’t making positive changes to their oral hygiene behaviours.

Which is why we were delighted to be approached by the Wrigley Oral Healthcare Programme, earlier this year with an invitation to partner and launch the inaugural Oral Hygiene By Design Award 2015.

The Award provided a platform for BSDHT members to use their experience of working with patients to tackle the barriers faced on a daily basis in clinic, and design the ‘ideal’ oral hygiene education tool. A tool designed by clinicians for clinicians.

We were looking for creative, forward-thinking clinicians to help us improve at-home oral hygiene practices for patients across the UK. We received some really exciting and innovative entries and are really proud to announce the winner, Michelle Coles, at our AGM in October, who will get the incredible opportunity to see their idea rolled out for use by dental practitioners across the UK.

Miss Coles’ winning entry “Hooked on Oral Hygiene’” helps patients ‘hang-on’ to oral hygiene advice even after they leave the clinic. This winning idea will be launched to clinics nationwide in 2016. Miss Coles, who qualified as a dental hygienist in 1988, was also awarded a grant of £750 towards her Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and a year’s supply of Wrigley’s Extra® sugar-free gum for her clinic.

“I often use visual aids and props to support my oral hygiene discussions in clinic, but I wanted to create something simple and appealing that helps patients remember this advice once they get home,” said Miss Coles. “The “Hooked on Oral Hygiene” tool is great because it can be hooked somewhere visible, like a bathroom door, allowing patients to keep their oral hygiene advice close to hand and helping them to regularly recall this information to maintain good habits between check-ups”.

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